Find out how Bridge-certified teachers are making a living teaching English online and how their training, the network they built, and their field of specialization helped them along the way.


Rachel Story is a nomadic ESL teacher originally from Tennessee. In 2010, she moved to China to begin teaching ESL. For five years, she taught at a variety of schools and training centers in Beijing and Kunming. In 2016, she began teaching English online with VIPKid and traveling full-time. Since then, she has been teaching, traveling, and living around the world with her husband Sasha. Together they document their travels and teach others how to become traveling teachers on their blog, Grateful Gypsies.

Carla Martinez is an English teacher based in Brazil who has been teaching since 2001 and has taught exclusively privately since 2014. She has a Licentiate Degree in Language and Literature (English and Portuguese), a postgraduate diploma in Translation Studies, and Bridge’s IDELTOnline Certification. Most of her career has been dedicated to teaching adults and encouraging independence through speaking and communication. She also has experience with teacherpreneurship through content creation for social media (@thesimplegrammar) as well as her own online courses and a Mentoring program.

Rory Falls is Founder and Director of The Language Mountain, an online company providing one-on-one English classes. He has been teaching English for three years and specializing in students from Brazil. His goal for students is not only to improve their language skills but also their confidence and long-term strategies. With knowledge of Portuguese and Spanish and a specialized certification in teaching Business English and IELTS preparation, he has managed to create a network in South America and inspired students to think about learning English in a different way.

This panel is hosted by Maggie.

Maggie de Oliveira supports Bridge trainees throughout their learning journey as the Teacher and Institutional Relations Manager. As a former EFL teacher herself, she applies practices of observation and reflection to continuously improve the overall course experience for Bridge trainees while also striving to implement innovative eLearning best practices to guide trainees in achieving their professional development goals. Maggie collaborates with the Bridge tutors to encourage high-quality feedback and effective communication with our Bridge trainees from all around the world.