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Classroom TEFL Courses

Take your TEFL course “onsite” in the country where you would like to teach! Onsite certification qualifies you to teach anywhere in the world, and the in-country job placement assistance will make getting your first teaching job a breeze.

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Bridge Teach Abroad Programs

For those who prefer more support when teaching English abroad, Bridge offers Teach Abroad Programs in select countries! These programs can include TEFL certification, job placement, housing, and other benefits in one convenient package.

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Teach Abroad Resource Page

The Resource Page is a library of helpful tools for those new to teaching English abroad. All resources are free and updated regularly.

Teach Abroad E-Books

Learn from our TEFL Experts!

How to Get Started With
Teaching English Abroad
How to Get Started With Teaching English Abroad

Looking to learn more about TEFL? This eBook includes a step-by-step guide to teaching abroad, a TEFL region overview, tips on choosing the right TEFL course, Bridge alumni stories, and more!

How to Get a
TEFL Job Abroad
TEFL e-book

From preparing your resume, to vetting schools abroad and acing the job interview, this e-book provides expert advice on getting hired as an EFL teacher abroad.

Where to Teach
Where to Teach e-book

The first step toward an adventure teaching English abroad is deciding where you'll go. You've got plenty of options worldwide, so download this guide to find the one that's the best fit for your preferences, qualifications, and goals.


Jobs at a Glance Chart

Check out this country-specific chart to get a quick overview of different EFL teaching locations around the world. You’ll find information such as typical requirements, average salaries, peak hiring seasons, and more!

TEFL Country Guides

TEFL e-book

Dig deeper into your TEFL research with our colorful, country-specific guides. These comprehensive guides cover all the details of the most popular teach abroad locations worldwide, including:

  • Teaching requirements
  • Average salaries/benefits
  • Demand for teachers
  • Cost of living
  • Hiring seasons
  • Typical teaching positions
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The blog features articles by our expert staff of advisors and our TEFL course graduates, like Jess, a “20-something New Zealander leaving the nest” for an adventure in South America!

Bridge Grad “Jet Lagged Jess” Tells Us Why She Got TEFL Certified in Chile

Teach Abroad FAQs

TEFL e-book

We know you’ve got questions about teaching in a foreign country, especially if it’s your first time! Check out our teach abroad FAQs for answers from the experts.

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