Do you represent an online tutoring company, EdTech provider, publisher, or other ELT organization or service? Bridge welcomes new sponsors and advertisers to collaborate on articles, webinars, newsletters, courses, social media, and more. Increase your brand awareness, grow your business, and reach teachers and administrators around the world!

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Reach a global audience

Our audience includes both pre-service and experienced English teachers as well as language school directors and admissions officers looking to keep abreast of trends and advances in the global ELT sector.

Tailor your sponsorship solution

We work with you to find the best channels to showcase your brand, products, and services. Opportunities include website ads, sponsored content, email marketing, social media, and more.

Partner with Bridge, leaders in quality

Whether we’re offering teacher training courses, connecting teachers and schools on our job board, or providing in-depth news and informative webinars, we deliver on our core value of excellence.

sponsorship-and-advertising Tap Into Our Global ELT Network

Bridge’s audience spans over 140 countries and includes:


graduates of our TEFL/TESOL courses


Over 4 Million

visits per year across our TEFL/TESOL websites



annual eBook and Resource Guide pageviews of evergreen content showcasing brands, products, and services offered to the ELT community



registrants on average to our monthly webinar series, with additional viewers accessing recordings post-event



email subscribers receiving bi-weekly newsletters, monthly bulletins, webinar announcements, and more


Over 130,000

social media followers, and growing!

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Do you have a similar ELT audience? Do your products and services complement Bridge’s offerings? Let’s explore ways to work together to create content, host events, or find other opportunities to promote each other’s products and services.

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