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English Tutor Marketplaces

How English Tutor Marketplaces Are Continuing to Evolve

Whether you are an independent online tutor, an ESL/EFL teacher at a language school or a language school owner or manager, a good grasp of ELT marketplaces is essential for understanding your students or customers, and for succeeding in an increasingly competitive field. A decade ago, the idea of online marketplaces, especially for language courses […]

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online English language testing

Online English Language Testing – Increased Access Comes With Security Challenges

Denver, Co. – English language testing has long been used for a variety of purposes, such as hiring and promotions, college and university admissions and immigration. The shift to online delivery of language tests did not start with the COVID-19 pandemic, but the pandemic certainly accelerated growth in the industry and acceptance of online tests […]

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Everyone eagerly put real faces to names they knew only from Zoom calls or Linkedin. Walking into the hall of the 55th International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language conference, it was impossible not to think about the state of the ELT industry. The past few years, with an assist from a […]

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Large, Global ELT Publishers Innovate To Meet Evolving Needs

Denver, Colo. U.S. – Today’s English Language Teaching industry is evolving, and global ELT publishers must continue providing content and resources to meet the needs of this fast-changing field. The world watched as Covid-19 spread quickly, changing lifestyles, businesses, governments, healthcare industry processes, and, of course, education. Schools at the K-12 level, as well as […]

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Do English Language Schools Invest in Teachers’ Continuing Professional Development?

Continuing professional development is generally considered a cornerstone of education careers, yet English Language Teachers at language schools around the world often lack professional credentials and only pursue the minimum required to get hired. Some teachers believe that employers are unlikely to provide or require CPD, yet according to our sources, this isn’t the case. […]

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English Testing at Home: Convenient and Safe, but Is It Accessible (and Acceptable) to All?

When established, test-development leaders discuss their online English proficiency tests, similar themes emerge. Online tests, most of which can be taken at home, have a wider reach than computer-based tests that are only available at designated testing sites, and are therefore more accessible for test-takers worldwide. People have more options for testing their English ability […]

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What’s It Like to Teach English for the US Department of State? Voices from the Field

The purview of the United States Department of State, more commonly referred to as the State Department, is vast. Broadly responsible for international relations and foreign diplomacy, this executive department was established in 1789 and is headed by the Secretary of State. A successful State Department operation results not only in smoother operations for America […]

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Bridge Launches English Teacher Empowerment Scholarship to Support Global Educators

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many English language teachers (ELTs) lost work and had to make significant cuts in their personal and professional lives, including in their own education. To help global ELTs meet the challenges of these pandemic-related shifts, Bridge Education Group, supported by a YLAI Fellowship Program Collaboration Grant, created the English Teacher […]

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The New Frontier of Teaching English: Interactive, Global, Virtual and Innovative!

Online instruction made its presence known in the world of education decades ago. However, mobile applications, originally purposed for productivity assistance, are now being used for more than just playing Candy Crush or Words with Friends. The educational technology, or EdTech, industry linked a few gems of their own and found that learning English online […]

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Is It Your Mission to Teach English?

Natalie Goff, 50, has lived in Nicaragua teaching English as a Christian worker for eight years now with no immediate plan to leave. When the man she was dating told her in 2013 that he wanted to build water purification systems in Nicaragua with the intent to get to know people and share God’s word, she […]

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