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Introducing the Teacherpreneur Academy: Empowering Educators to Launch an Independent Teaching Career

A new kind of entrepreneur has arrived and is changing the landscape of online English language teaching. The teacherpreneur is an independent educator, driven business owner and lifelong student. These diverse ESL instructors are sometimes digital nomads, teaching English online from around the globe, and other times they are online English teachers working from home […]

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From Teaching Abroad to Teaching Online: Rise of the Digital Nomad

A new day breaks and online English teacher Andrea Beatriz Collados settles in at her desk in her home in Buenos Aires, Argentina to start a new day of teaching. With more than 20 years of experience, Collados has taught students of all ages on five different continents. Her teaching practice focuses on teaching English […]

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a graphic showing a stylized woman from the side with methodology names shooting from her hair.

Debunking the Methodology Myth: Identifying Multiple Methods of ESL Instruction

Choosing an effective foreign language teaching methodology is a concern common for many language teachers. In the case of teaching English as a second or foreign language, this concern is amplified by the unique place English occupies among world languages and the multifaceted profile of English language learners. Some teachers remain loyal to a specific […]

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vector image of an online conference session with a presenter on stage and adults sitting in chairs.

No Teacher Left Behind: An Empowering 19th BRAZ-TESOL Conference

With a spotlight on equipping the English language teaching community with the skills, tools, and best practices for current and future trends, BRAZ-TESOL convened ELT educators from Brazil and abroad at its 19th International Conference from July 13th to 15th. Themed “Our New World: No Teacher Left Behind,” the online event featured sessions that covered […]

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a graphic showing people standing around a colorful digital rendering of a globe.

Demand for Business English Continues to Grow Exponentially – Learn the Ins and Outs of This Lucrative ELT Niche for Teachers

In today’s competitive world, acquiring proficiency in the English language has become essential, and learning Business English is fast becoming a necessity, as English is the lingua franca, the international language of business. The education industry’s shift towards digitalization has resulted in the emergence of various online platforms for learning English. And as Business English […]

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graphic image of desks with students facing a large screen with a teacher on it and large stacks of books on the side with students sitting on them.

Post-COVID Online English Language Market Sees Continued Growth

Denver, Co – The global English language learning market is growing, but the market segment to watch in the coming years may be the online learning component of the industry. The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly impacted the online English language learning industry, as students around the world shifted to online learning, and new opportunities for edtech […]

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the blue lit stage at IATEFL, with a speaker behind a podium and four other speakers showing on the large projector before the seated audience.

From Decolonizing ELT to Embracing Multimodal Approaches, IATEFL 2023 Delivered Calls to Action

I arrived at Harrogate station feeling contemplative and eager to experience my first IATEFL conference. The view from the train into the North Yorkshire, England town of Harrogate is idyllic – rolling hills dotted with stone walls and the occasional cow – and certainly inspires contemplation. Having just attended the International TESOL Convention in Portland, […]

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graphic image showing lesson plan company logos ellii, Fluentize, and ESL Pals.

We Plan, You Teach: A Closer Look at ESL Lesson Plan Companies

ESL lesson plan companies offer ready-made resources for teachers Denver, Co. – The aphorism “time is money” may sound pithy, but teachers know the value of time – and how much is spent on juggling the many responsibilities of a teacher. A typical day in the life of a teacher may include instruction, communications with […]

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Global education shifts drive upskilling opportunities in ELT.

Upskilling Opportunities for ELT Industry Grow With Global Shifts, Rise of Private Sector EFL Companies

Denver, Co – If you work in education, you’re likely immersed in a culture that greatly values continued professional development, or CPD. In recent years, this idea of continuous growth or development has evolved, and a familiar term in the lexicon of the business world has emerged that may better suit the purpose of CPD […]

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21st-century skills

Global, Digital Evolution Drives Need for 21st-Century, Transferable Skills in Today’s Employees

ESL teachers must prepare students to apply multiple resources and competencies for 21st-century global, digital exchanges Denver, CO – If you work in education, you’ve heard the phrase “21st-century learning skills” many times in the last two decades. However, descriptions of these skills have evolved over time, as has the term itself. While educators or […]

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