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What’s It Like to Teach English for the US Department of State? Voices from the Field

The purview of the United States Department of State, more commonly referred to as the State Department, is vast. Broadly responsible for international relations and foreign diplomacy, this executive department was established in 1789 and is headed by the Secretary of State. A successful State Department operation results not only in smoother operations for America […]

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Bridge Launches English Teacher Empowerment Scholarship to Support Global Educators

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many English language teachers (ELTs) lost work and had to make significant cuts in their personal and professional lives, including in their own education. To help global ELTs meet the challenges of these pandemic-related shifts, Bridge Education Group, supported by a YLAI Fellowship Program Collaboration Grant, created the English Teacher […]

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The New Frontier of Teaching English: Interactive, Global, Virtual and Innovative!

Online instruction made its presence known in the world of education decades ago. However, mobile applications, originally purposed for productivity assistance, are now being used for more than just playing Candy Crush or Words with Friends. The educational technology, or EdTech, industry linked a few gems of their own and found that learning English online […]

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Is It Your Mission to Teach English?

Natalie Goff, 50, has lived in Nicaragua teaching English as a Christian worker for eight years now with no immediate plan to leave. When the man she was dating told her in 2013 that he wanted to build water purification systems in Nicaragua with the intent to get to know people and share God’s word, she […]

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What Is the Current State of English Teaching in Afghanistan?

Freshta Noori was 11 years old when she started studying English in the fourth grade. She was 19 when she began teaching English while simultaneously working on her teaching certification. And then at age 20, the Taliban took over the governing of Afghanistan, and her world changed. Now she can no longer leave the house […]

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Will English Language Teachers Be Traveling Again in 2022?

Though the coronavirus pandemic has been a global event, its impact has been uneven, varying across borders and within communities. Industries everywhere, particularly those that rely on travel, have suffered, but even those consequences have been dissimilar. While borders closed and the international tourism industry came to a halt, travelers headed for mountain towns and […]

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English Language Teaching Start-ups: Will the Next ‘Unicorn’ Speak English?

“Alternative language learning companies are attracting investors and reaching ‘unicorn’ status, a term used in the venture capital industry to describe a privately held startup company with a valuation of over $1 billion.” English language learning has blossomed into a $60 billion global market, according to TechCrunch. Using data by Ulrich Ammon at the University […]

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From English Language Learners to Teachers: Busting the Native-Speakerism Bias

These are game-changing times for hiring professionals in the field of English language teaching (ELT). English is one of the key languages shaping the modern world and the language itself is shaped by different speakers, teachers and learners, estimated to reach 2 billion in the next 10-15 years. Businesspeople, teachers and students realize that now, […]

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Are Machine Translation Tools a Threat to English Teaching?

If you have long passages, DeepL does come up with language that is more natural overall. But DeepL often mistranslates words and shorter phrases.  When Google Translate first launched in 2006, the implications for foreign language classrooms seemed small. It was useful for translating single words, the way a bilingual dictionary is, and short sentences […]

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The Philippines: Emerging From a Sea of Language Learning Destinations

The rising demand for English teachers worldwide has provided Filipinos with much-needed employment opportunities and significantly affected other ESL (English as a Second Language) industry stakeholders. Large corporations profit from the Philippines’ competitive labor rates and the high global demand for English language instructors. BridgeUniverse spoke with two Filipino English language teachers (ELTs) and the […]

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