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Learn new approaches and activities to help you dive into using English as a global language with your students with Bridge’s 20-hour Micro-credential in Teaching English as a Global Language.

Professional TEFL/TESOL Certificates

New to teaching English? Qualify for TEFL jobs around the world and online with Professional Certification courses like the 120-hour Master Certificate, a self-paced, tutor-led course that covers classroom management skills, how to create lesson plans, and other core topics. Stand out from the competition with the university-affiliated IDELTOnline™, our most advanced TEFL/TESOL course. This graduate-level certification can serve as a pathway to a Master's in TESOL at more than 1,600 universities.

Specialized TEFL/TESOL Certificates

Experienced educators can break into growing ELT niches like Business English, Bilingual Education (CLIL), and Teaching English Online with Specialized TEFL/TESOL Certification. Focused training in these in-demand areas will set you apart from the crowd and help you score the best-paying ELT jobs the industry has to offer.

TEFL/TESOL Micro-credentials

Keep your teaching methods up to date with relevant Micro-credentials, short courses that offer targeted training in unique TEFL subfields like Teaching English Pronunciation and Teaching PTE Test Prep. Demonstrate your dedication to continued professional growth and become a 21st-century educator to stand out to employers and attract more students.

Teacherpreneur Academy

Calling all Independent Online English Teachers! Do you dream of going independent and becoming your own boss? Join Bridge’s growing Teacherpreneur Academy and collaborate with English teachers worldwide in collaborative workshops led by an expert Instructor & Coach. Complete Bridge’s 60-hour Specialized Certificate in Becoming an English Teacherpreneur to master your marketing, learn best practices in independent teaching, and successfully kickstart your own tutoring business - no matter it’s size!

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