Start with an introduction to the basic principles of teaching English as a foreign language.

Complete the core TEFL curriculum and learn practical lesson planning skills.

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Why should you take a Foundational TEFL/TESOL Course?

Get your feet wet and learn the basic principles of TEFL.

Have the option to upgrade to more hours at any time.

Pair with Specialized TEFL Certificates in high-demand areas.

Earn a TEFL/TESOL certification you can build on.


Demonstrate your expertise with a lifetime certificate.

  • Download and print your TEFL/TESOL certificate for free.
  • All BridgeTEFL certifications are detailed on your certificate, including Primary and Specialized.
  • Courses are stackable! The total number of hours you completed is indicated, and this number updates each time you add another course.
  • Option to order a hard copy certificate mailed to anywhere in the world!


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Showcase your credentials with digital badges.

  • Share your badges everywhere employers are looking, including LinkedIn, your resume, and your email signature.
  • Employers can click on your badge to see detailed, verifiable information about the course you completed.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to lifelong learning – earn a new digital badge for every BridgeTEFL course you take!

Upgrade Anytime!

You can upgrade your Foundational TEFL Certificate to a 100-hour or 120-hour International TEFL Certificate at any time to expand your skills, qualify for more TEFL jobs, and even earn college credit! Upgrades include components such as additional modules with more tutor interaction, a refresher course/certificate in Teaching English Grammar, and specialized modules in Teaching Young Learners and Business English.


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Qualify for more jobs and advance your skills with Specialized Certificates

Add one or more Specialized TEFL Certificates to your Foundational Course to hone your teaching skills in high-demand areas and enhance your resume. Choose from a variety of Specialized Certificates including: Teaching English to Young Learners, Teaching English Online, Teaching English Grammar, and more! You can also choose to take a Guided Teaching Practicum to add real teaching experience to your online course.



It is required that BridgeTEFL online course trainees are at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma, or equivalent. Trainees must also have sufficient English language ability (see chart below).

  Fluency Requirement IELTS TOEIC TOEFL IBT Cambridge BULATS EU Framework BL English Test
IDELT/CELTA/Onsite TEFL Mastery 8.0 950 110 CPE 89 C2 (Mastery) 95
IDELTOnline™ Advanced 7.0 845 95 CEA 75 C1 (Proficiency) 85
BridgeTEFL Online Courses Intermediate 5.0 650 64 PET 59 B1 (Threshold) 69

The 40-hour Basic Certificate is perfect for someone who is just starting to explore TEFL and wants to get his or her feet wet. It is an introductory course meant to be a first step into English language teaching.

The The 60-Hour Educator Certificate is a good choice for someone who would like to dig a little deeper and cover all English language teaching basics, as well as have more feedback on assignments from a professional TEFL tutor. This course is our core curriculum. 

If you take a Foundational course, you can update your course to a 100-hour or 120-hour International Course at any time or add on a Specialized Certificate to add training in a high-demand area.

Most of our online TEFL courses do not require you to purchase a textbook. The tuition for BridgeTEFL Online Courses, including Specialized Certificates, is comprehensive and entirely online; nothing else needs to be purchased to complete them.

Yes! If you would like to add an in-person teaching component to any of our online TEFL courses, you can sign up for our 20-hour Specialized Certificate: Guided Teaching Practicum.

Online BridgeTEFL certifications are recognized and accepted worldwide, particularly in regions such as Asia and Latin America. Keep in mind that TEFL certification is often just one of the typical requirements to teach English as a foreign language, and some schools may also require a bachelor’s degree or teaching experience. For more information on country-specific requirements for teaching English abroad, please review our Jobs at a Glance chart or contact a program advisor teaching experience. Successful completion of a TEFL certification does not guarantee employment in any country.

Absolutely! You may upgrade your BridgeTEFL Online course from 40 to 60, 100 or120 hours at any time by clicking on the "Upgrade" button from inside your course. If you are a student in the IDELTOnline, you may upgrade your course by adding Specialized Certificates or a Teaching Practicum.

You may access your certificate after you have completed and passed all of the components of your course. You will be assigned a unique certificate code which may be entered into our secure Certificate Verification System by you or any employer you share it with. There, it is possible to download and print your certificate as well as read a summary of each course component's content, and see the grade that you received for each component. Click here to visit the certificate system.

You may also order a hard copy of your certificate (notarized or with apostille authentication) on that same page or from inside your course.

No, your TEFL certificate does not expire. However, some employers may be wary of certificates that were earned too far in the past, so if you are applying to your first teaching jobs a year or more after getting certified, you may want to consider adding an upgrade in order to freshen up your skills.