Successful teachers can not only write objectives for a lesson plan – they can structure activities appropriately to help students achieve those objectives. This teaching skill, known as scaffolding, is important for all types of teaching and lesson planning but is particularly essential when teaching content in language, such as in the case of bilingual education or CLIL. Join a panel of experts to learn how you can do a better job of scaffolding and to see some sample activities you can use in your own classroom.

Donna Lee Fields
Donna Lee Fields, Ph.D., is an author (101 Scaffolding Techniques for Language Teaching and Learning), an associate professor at Universidad de Jaén (Spain), a teacher-trainer, and a collaborator with international educational institutions such as Bridge Publishing (U.S.A.), Oxford University Press (Spain, London), Richmond Publishing (Mexico, Spain), SM, Ed. (Spain), Educluster (Finland), Programa BEDA (Spain), Universidad de Guadalajara (Mexico), and the Departments of Education (Spain, Finland). She specializes in innovative language and content teaching, including the CLIL approach and Phenomenon-Based Learning. She is the creator of, an award-nominated website designed to provide teachers with resources to help to transition into more dynamic teaching practices. She has also just published the first four volumes of What if…The Comprehensive Guide to Creating Phenomenon-Based Learning Projects.

Marina Grilli
Language Teacher Educator
Marina Grilli worked as an English and German teacher for fifteen years and is currently a teacher educator and a PhD candidate in Language Education. The main goal of her work is to answer the following question: How do we teach learners from developing countries a prestigious foreign language so that they acquire means to express themselves critically, instead of just following proficiency patterns that do not always apply to their local needs? Results of Marina’s ten years of research in the field of Applied Linguistics and Language Education are frequently published in scientific journals and disseminated on social media.

Nina L
ELT and CLIL Expert
Nina is a certified Oxford University teacher trainer and an ELT and CLIL expert who has been working in the field of education for decades. She has collaborated with the British Council, Bell International and the Ministry of Education on professional development programs. She works as a university professor, teacher, consultant and materials writer and is a globe-trotting teacher trainer for Oxford Teacher´s Academy and other organizations. Nina is the author of a number of different ELT and CLIL textbooks as well as resource books for teachers. She also developed online courses for world-renowned educational publishers such as Oxford University Press, Macmillan, Richmond Publishing, Cengage Learning and Mary Glasgow Magazines. She has written material for Oxford Flipped on CLIL classes, and she worked for a number of years as an editor for an online magazine for pre-primary and primary teachers.

Erin Hernandez
Owner @ Larchmere Language Services
Erin Shaw Hernandez is an experienced TESOL professional with expertise ranging from teaching in the classroom to owning and operating an accredited language school. She received a MA TESOL degree from Brigham Young University, and has extensive experience in curriculum and program development, teacher training, language assessment and program marketing.