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The Pandemic’s Tough Lessons: A Conversation With IATEFL & TESOL Leadership

Thursday, September 30th, 10 a.m. MDT

Join BridgeUniverse Director Ian Wright and senior leadership from IATEFL and TESOL International Association for updates on members’ experiences from the past 20 months as these organizations responded to the unprecedented circumstances of the global pandemic. How have these organizations, their respective members, and other constituents been impacted? What can they expect in the year to come?

On-Demand Webinars: Global ELT News

How China’s EdTech Crackdown Is Also Reshaping Education Across the English-Speaking World

In a recent BridgeUniverse webinar, we discussed how dramatic changes in China’s education policies are affecting current and prospective English language teachers. In particular, we examined the effect of this disruption on teaching English online, which makes up a large portion of the Chinese education market (about 500,000 teachers). Why did these drastic changes happen? What has the immediate impact of these policies been and what outcomes will we likely see in the future? Will the ripple effects be felt mostly on international student mobility to the West or on the EdTech unicorns in China?

How Is China’s EdTech Crackdown Reshaping Teaching English Online?

Dramatic changes in Chinese law regarding education have resulted in hiring freezes and even closures of some big-name online English tutoring companies, including GoGoKid and Magic Ears. BridgeUniverse brings online teachers and representatives from top English tutoring companies together to discuss how changes in Chinese law are impacting the current job market and to explore new options for teachers, such as working with companies in other regions or teaching English as a freelancer. Learn more by checking out: Teaching English Online eBook and Quakes in the Landscape of China’s English Language Education System.

How are English language tests adapting to a hybrid learning world?

English proficiency testing has long been a high-stakes rite of passage for those looking to secure admissions to a top school abroad, get an international job, or land a promotion to the global C-suite. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made traditional, in-person testing impossible, thereby pushing online, technology-based assessment to the forefront and sparking discussion around whether the conventional paradigm is, in fact, as accessible or accurate as once perceived. This webinar builds on the themes in BridgeUniverse’s January 2021 article, English Test Providers Jockey for Position as Pandemic Accelerates Online Trend.

MA TESOL programs, post-pandemic: Prospects for students and universities

How are MA TESOL programs emerging from the pandemic? Are they providing enhanced/hybrid learning environments for students while keeping the degree relevant for an evolving job market? Join a panel of university admissions professionals and moderator Ian Wright, Director of BridgeUniverse, to discuss the challenges and prospects MA TESOL students and graduates face in a post-pandemic world. Our discussion will be followed by at least 20 minutes of questions and comments from our global audience. This live panel builds on the BridgeUniverse article: Is Getting a Master’s in TESOL Worth It?

On-Demand Webinars: Expert Series

Using Traditional and Digital Realia when Teaching English Online

English teachers often use realia (authentic materials) to engage students and present new vocabulary or ideas visually. But what is digital realia, and how can online English teachers use it most effectively? This webinar addresses the use of both digital and traditional realia when teaching online, especially to introduce games to students of all ages. Prepare for this live panel by reading the BridgeUniverse article Tips for Using Games When Teaching Adults English Online. You can also watch useful videos on this topic, such as TEFL LIKE A PRO: Bridge Games & Activities for the Online Classroom (Adults): PechaKucha Games, on our YouTube channel.

The Power of a Personal Teaching Philosophy and How to Create Yours

You’ve chosen the teaching field because you believe in making an impact on students’ lives. But every educator has unique experiences, values, and motivations that drive their teaching. In this expert series live panel discussion, learn to communicate your values to employers and students by crafting a powerful philosophy of teaching statement that showcases your unique mission as an educator.

On-Demand Webinars: TEFL Info Sessions

Free Info Session: Teaching English as a Foreign Language

This series of info sessions addresses frequently asked questions about teaching English as a foreign language and TEFL/TESOL certification. For some sessions, we cover special topics (such as teaching English online) and invite guest speakers, including current English teachers, to share their insights and expertise. Other times, we host live Q&A sessions with a Bridge program advisor. Altogether, sessions last around 45 to 60 minutes.

These sessions are hosted by our International Program Advisor, Andrew Johnson. He is now helping prospective Bridge students choose which course to take and connecting Bridge graduates to exciting job opportunities.

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