Babington Education

Babington Education is an English Language Learning Center, with locations throughout Hong Kong.

We help to achieve clear tangible English language improvements for all children. Utilising a structured, intelligently designed and logical programme that is powered with a unique and controlled teaching methodology, we are able to accurately predict children’s learning outcomes every 3 months.


Our teaching method is backed by research and has been proven to be the most effective method in teaching English as a secondary language to children.


We don’t just hire native English speakers (NETs) as we know being a native speaker doesn’t mean you are a trained educator. We hire exceptional teachers who are passionate about teaching and all of our teachers are professionally phonetically trained in Ruth Miskin’s RWI programme or in Jolly Phonics by the Jolly Learning Company.

Our teachers should be professional teachers, people who are genuine about education, people who love to work with children and get great satisfaction working with children. We are looking for teachers who are eager to expand their career in education, people who are looking to grow. Our teachers are loving, caring and genuinely interested in children. They like to interact with children be they their own students or others. Our teachers are not afraid of letting their hair down, getting dirty and hands on with the kids. Our teachers are open to new concepts, to new ideas to new methodologies and are generally open to learning and keen to learn.

Our teachers are organised, meticulous and perfectionists. They take pride in the work and they understand the need for excellence and they strive for this in everything they do.

Our teachers become the best teachers and they become very proud of what they do and have achieved.

Est. In 2009
30 - 45 Teachers
200+ Students
Language Center

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