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Hello, my name is Lucio Marcos, I am better known as Marcos da Eleven and in some regions I am affectionately treated by my students, franchisees and collaborators like Professor Marcos. I am the founder of the Eleven English Courses network and I want to share with you some aspects of this success, in a summarized way I have brought some concepts that will make you understand my format and I always make it a point to divulge the number of my cell phone next to the online attendance at Expectation of receiving praise, criticism, doubts, questions, etc.

Brand Elevation

The brand breaks the regional barrier, after conquering 3 cities in Rio de Janeiro, the brand was consolidated in the State of Bahia, in the municipality of Ilhéus – where the success of the brand has been consolidated for 3 years. Betting that the brand and format could be successful in other states, I broke the barrier with two Brazilian states, the state of Minas Gerais and the state of Paraíba, in those 4 states the success is total and my goal is to expand to all Brazilian states, Including other countries.


I have a standard teaching material, different from the one commonly practiced, added in every class by each pedagogical coordinator, considering that the coordinators of each unit are not obliged to work only with the standard teaching material. The introduction of teaching material helped to standardize teaching, ensuring greater uniformity of teaching / learning, and started the course myself, developed all material and coordinated all production of all materials, from start-up to completion, but also involved several professionals Among them English, American, Australian and Canadian citizens.

Reflections and evolution of the Teaching Methodology

Some aspects of the Methodology could be considered. For example, in the mechanization of the teaching plan I did not consider the aspect of the intercalation of different materials and this limitation discouraged the initiative of the teaching professional. Also the teaching methodology completely regulated the times and movements, often resulting in the physical and mental exhaustion of the Teaching Professional and all pedagogical staff. This evolutionary point consisted in my narrow view that the aspects related to motivation are limited to the incentives of the whole team. In any case, this experience has greatly contributed to my development as a franchisor, and the vast majority of my concepts are still valid today. After the evolution of this methodology, other approaches and theories followed me, adding new perspectives and guaranteeing my development. This work, which I launched in 2009, was the basis for what was called Teaching Plan and is aligned with the development of all units, but with a focus on evolution, above all the high and frequent development of dynamic and efficient classes. With this attitude, exchanges of ideas and experiences travel long distances, this exchange of information occurs easily through technology and immediately becomes the domain of the entire network and benefits the student and everyone who engages directly or indirectly in the project.

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