English-In-Klin school is situated in a quiet place on the premises of a modern office block, close to the town’s train and bus station.

The school is expanding every year due to a constant growing demand for English. There are lots of multinational companies in Klin which state the ability to speak English as a necessary component of their employees’ professional skills. Moreover, there are more and more people who go to foreign countries as tourists and need English as a lingua franca. Nowadays children start studying English at state schools from the age of 7 and more and more teenagers (or their parents) understand the importance of English in rapidly economically developing Russia.

In respond to this demand, English-In offers different programmes in General and Business English to different age groups at a wide range of levels – from absolute Beginners to Advanced.

Our school is by far the biggest English teaching school in Klin with more than 15 years of experience.

There are currently four Russian teachers in our school who are specified on different courses and age groups. However, to cover the schedule every teacher who has a 30-hour contract has YL classes which are mainly in the afternoons as well as adult classes which are in the evenings. There’s one teacher who teachers only children’s classes. Nowadays we have more and more adults who are really motivated to study English.

The atmosphere in the school is very friendly and the teachers can share their problems and ask for advice if they find themselves in a difficult situation. We work as a team and intend to achieve common goals. We would be really happy to have English speakers in our team as they will bring a part of their culture and valuable experience with them.

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