Amslink the English training center was established and run by a group of UK alumni specialized secondary schools Specialist blocks Hanoi – Amsterdam. The founding members Amslink had time learning, professional development and graduate master’s degree in European countries.

With the knowledge and experience gained through the learning process, research and teaching in secondary schools Specialist Hanoi – Amsterdam and some universities specializing in foreign languages ​​in Hanoi, as the University of Foreign Language Teachers , the national University and Hanoi University, as well as working through the process in a number of multinational corporations on education in Vietnam; We wish to develop the idea to create an environment friendly English teaching and high-quality children’s and youth Vietnam.

We currently teach basic English courses and intensive with the aim of improving English proficiency of students in Vietnam according to the most effective ways. We wish to equip their students with the skills to best serve the preparations for the intended study and pursue careers in the international environment in the future.

We are currently teaching English courses focused on English grammar and each English course aims to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and depth of the English language.

Language Center

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