Being a Leader of the Education League based in Guangzhou, WIE has hundreds of diversified partner schools, ranging from kindergartens to colleges, private to public, domestic to international. Along with the fast development of China, now almost every school is fully equipped with modern functional buildings and multimedia classrooms now. Some top-notch schools are even unbelievably spacious and hi-tech. All schools will be honored by your presence and dedication to our education.
Top on the list
Pioneer of Chinese Education without frontiers
Largest in this field in southern China
Thousands of international teachers hired since 2003
Culture ambassador between east and west
Education League
Diversified partner institutes
First-rate cooperative schools
Hundreds of partners worldwide
Government certified and supported
Professional Management
Excellent teamwork
Effective training system
Experienced in cross-cultural working environment
Mutual and on-going support
Highly rated by noted agencies
Authorized by Chinese government
Widely recognized as reputable

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