Yorker China

You’re in luck if you’ve been looking for an easy and secure way to travel and teach English in China. We’ve been looking for an adventurous and independent person, who is ready to pack their bags and head to China; no experience needed. You can have the opportunities to earn money, to immerse yourself in the vast Chinese culture, and develop language skill by learning Mandarin Chinese.

In 2005, the Yorker International Culture Exchange Service, China (Yorker China) was founded with the purpose of allowing English speakers the chance to teach English in a foreign culture. Since its founding the YICES has given more than a thousand people the opportunity to teach in China.
While many people come from diverse walks of life, we want to provide the chance for you to come teach in China with us, we welcome all inexperienced and experienced alike.

Est. In 2005
45+ Teachers
15 – 30 Students

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