American Pacific Schools

American Pacific Schools is an education company located in Shanghai.

We look to provide an education geared towards giving young Chinese learners the skills they need to excel in overseas studies and in bi-lingual and international schools locally.

Our flagship language program for young learners is completely research-based and provides substantial and tangible improvements in all aspects of English over any other programs currently available.
Additionally, our series of project-based learning classes are designed to reflect common core principles with STEM/STEAM principles as a focal point throughout.

We are building a platform where an ideal classroom environment is accessible to both educators and pupils:

– 10 Students maximum in a class
– Predesigned curriculum
– Teacher training and freedom to innovate (customize the curriculum to their teaching style or ideas)
– English is the sole language spoken in classes
– STEAM project-based classes which make for interesting, attention-grabbing lesson content to peak student’s interest and develop problem-solving, critical thinking and teamwork skills.

Est. In 2017
45 – 100 Students
Language Center

School Photos

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