New York English Learning Center

New York English Learning Center (New York ELC), a non-profit academic institution dedicated to helping students understand the English language. In many schools, there are 40-50 students per classroom and they don’t learn. Here the policy is no more than 10-15 per classroom.
New York ELC has centers in both Loja and Ecuador
We provide all the necessary materials for running your class successfully including teacher and student books, preplanned calendars as well as ongoing advice, supplementary materials, computer access.
We teach to Cambaridge ESOL standards and exams are taken in our schools.

Machala, is located on the coast near the beach and nature reserve of Jambeli. Whereas Loja is in the mountains and is a small city of around 180,000 people and deemed the music capital of Ecuador. Loja enjoys spring-like temperatures year round, whereas Machala is warmer.

Est. In 2014
1 - 5 Teachers
100 – 200 Students
Language Center

School Photos

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