Qingdao Mingtian Foreign Language Training School

U-SMART ENGLISH EDUCATION GROUP(QINGDAO CENTER)of Qingdao Mingtian Foreign Language Training School locates in the beautiful coastal city—Qingdao,with an area of nearly 1000 square meters of campus,equipped with multimedia classrooms, children’s playing area, the library, the life experience area, and leisure area for parents.
U-SMART ENGLISH courses involve a total of 3-12 years old nine grade discipline system of English education, through a combination of pure foreign teachers “immersion subject English” and Boy scout in Qingdao area camp outdoor activities of teaching method, let the children in a relaxed and interesting environment, naturally learn pure English and American thinking, have self expression, project management, leadership and the future of the international competitiveness.

Est. In 2001
15 – 30 Teachers
200+ Students
Language Center

School Photos

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