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Job Description

Position: Adult, Teenage & Young Learner English Teacher
Location: Chengdu & Sichuan Province
Interviewing: Now
Reference no# EPCDBT3Y
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Coronavirus in China: The number of new cases across China are now very low. Schools in China are now holding interviews for June to October start dates. By then, it is very likely the coronavirus will be gone and life in China will be back to normal. For more detailed updates on the coronavirus situation see our article –

The Job
We are looking for teachers with the professionalism and patience required to teach young learners, teenagers & adults in Chengdu and nearby cities. At Easy Peasy English language school, we teach mainly young learners English through our fun and well-developed curriculum, and we also teach some adults & teenage students. Our standardized curriculum & lesson plans have been perfected over the last 5 years. Your job will be to edit and adapt lesson plans to more suitably fit your students needs and make the preparations (such as handicrafts) to enliven the class and ensure they progress in all areas of English language learning.

In the classroom you will lead a group of no more than 8 students on a quest to use, practice and perfect their English. Depending on the age and ability of the students you will use the school’s resources to teach using song, dance, flashcards, electronic whiteboards, student books, work books and many other excellent teaching materials and aids we have. Where possible and depending on the weather we try to take students out of the classroom form time to time. That could mean a trip to IKEA to go over furniture vocabulary, to the park to see trees, leaves and flowers or taking part in lots of regular activities we have such as our annual Halloween and sports day activities.

We hope you are ambitious and want to challenge yourself not only in the classroom but in a new country. You will be supported by senior managers and senior teachers and will get training in our system as well as ESL fundamentals before embarking on what we promise is a great job and wonderful way to explore this beautiful country! People looking to take on the adventure of living and working abroad are welcome to apply.

The School
Easy Peasy English is a leading language school in Southwest China. Each campus is based in a major metropolitan area and we currently have 5 schools in Chengdu and 4 not far away in other cities of Sichuan province. Thousands of students have experienced our learning system to become fluent, confident English speakers. Kindergarten and primary school curriculum is at the heart of our educational structure. We also teach adult learners and prepare teenage students to take exams for overseas education. Our students are immersed in English learning from day one and follow a step by step, structured approach to learning that has been tried and tested for over 20 years.

Chengdu – The City
Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province, which is known as the "Heavenly State" (Tian Fu Zhi Guo). Being the natural habitat of cute giant pandas, Chengdu is located in the west of Sichuan Basin and in the center of Chengdu Plain. It covers a total area of 12.3 thousand square kilometers with a population of over 11 million.
People from Chengdu (or Sichuan/Chongqing, in general) tend to eat spicy food. Local specialties include Grandma Chen's Tofu, Chengdu Hot pot, and Dan Dan Mien (literally meaning, "Noodles carried on a pole" (Dan Dan Noodles). All three dishes are spicy. Mapo Doufu and Dan Dan Mien contain Sichuan peppers to give them additional flavor. Chengdu outnumbers Shanghai in the number of tea houses and bars despite having less than half the population. The inhabitants have a reputation in China for having a laid-back attitude and for knowing how to enjoy life.
For more information on the city of Chengdu have a look at these sites:

Main Responsibilities
-Maximum of 20 teaching hours per week
-Maximum of 20 admin hours per week
-Class sizes: maximum of 8 students per class
-Student ages: adult, teenage & young learner students
-5 working days per week
-Cooperate with Chinese staff to ensure the constructive communication and efficient operation of the centre
-Participation in Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)
-Lesson planning, creating course outlines
-Deliver classes in a professional and creative way

-Highly competitive salary: 12,000 to 18,000 RMB per month (based on experience)
-Flight reimbursement on contract completion: 6,000 RMB
-Airport pick up and hotel reception upon arrival
-Free apartment provided
-Quarterly bonuses based on performance
-All Chinese public holidays plus 8 paid personal holidays
-Legal work permit & work visa
-Medical insurance provided
-Free Chinese lessons
-Career development opportunities
-24 hour assistance for living and work needs

-Native English speaker and passport holder from UK, US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or Ireland (Due to visa application requirements)
-Bachelor’s degree or above
-TEFL certificate 120 hours or above or at least 2 years teaching experience required (No TEFL? – We recommend INTESOL
-Clean criminal record
-Highly responsible team player with hard working ethics

How to Apply
Please send the following to Annie at
-Covering letter
-Recent photo
-Degree & TEFL certificates (scan)
-Passport photo page (scan)
-Availability to start work
-Include in the subject heading the reference no. EPCDBT3Y

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Salary & Benefits

-Flight reimbursement on contract completion: 6,000 RMB
-Airport pick up and hotel reception upon arrival
-Free apartment provided
-Quarterly bonuses based on performance
-All Chinese public holidays plus 8 paid personal holidays
-Legal work permit & work visa
-Medical insurance provided
-Free Chinese lessons
-Career development opportunities
-24 hour assistance for living and work needs

ID #10140 Location Yizhou Ave North Section, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, Chengdu, China Job Type Full Time Contract Length 12 months Pay 12,000 to 18,000 RMB CNY /Monthly Date Posted 2018-10-25
General Requirements
Accepted TEFL Certifications 120+ Hour Online TEFL/TESOL Certification Teaching Experience No Teaching Experience Required Degree Required? Yes English Proficiency Level Native Speaker/C2 Level

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