Teach English Online for Regular Students $16-$24/hr


Job Description

1) Teach Chinese students ages 3-8, online 1-1 practice. You will have regular students on a monthly basis
2) Work using a computer in an online classroom
3) Provide helpful student feedback reports
4) You will focus on communicating with students to ensure they have mastered the lessons they have already learned on our APP.
5) Teaching schedule:
Teachers can work from any location with computer and internet access. The following are the most requested time periods (Beijing time): Monday-Friday 6:00 pm- 8:30 pm, and Saturday-Sunday 8:30am–8:30 pm. You can choose your availability.

Requirements & Qualifications

1) Degree holder, bachelors or above.
2) TESOL (internationally recognized)/ TEFL (internationally recognized) / CELTA/ DELTA/ Teaching Credential (issued by state)
3) K-12 ESL experience, online experience is preferable.
4) Legally allowed to work in the US or Canada
5) Speaks English at an idiomatic level

Salary & Benefits

You will earn $16 – $24 per hour
Our booking is over 80%!
You will have regular students on a monthly basis, the more slots you open, the more payment is quite guaranteed!

Hours/day Hours/week Payment/month
1.5hrs 10 peak hours $800 – $960
2.5hrs 18 peak hours $1440 – $1728
4hrs 30 peak hours $2400 – $2880
6hrs 40 peak hours $3200 – $3840

ID #19863 Location Online Job Type Part Time Contract Length 6 months Pay 16 - 24 USD /Hourly Date Posted 2019-11-19
General Requirements
Accepted TEFL Certifications 120-Hour Classroom TEFL Certification; 150-Hour IDELT Online TEFL Certificate, or Equivalent; Bridge IDELT/Cambridge CELTA/Trinity TESOL Teaching Experience 1-3 years experience required. Degree Required? Yes English Proficiency Level Native Speaker/C2 Level

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Funded by Tencent, and produced by Yuanfudao, the leading online education company in China, ZebraEnglish is a well-known English education platform in China. ZebraEnglish has over 450,000 students using our self-developed, AI-based, English-learning APP. Our teachers focus on communicating with students to ensure they have mastered the lessons they have already learned on our APP. Our unique online platform does the heavy lifting by teaching grammar, phonics, vocabulary, and sentence structures. Official Website: https://www.zebraenglish.com?sourceType=Bridge_Education Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjaqDUicIT0ztFzIoGUQi3g

Est. In 2017
45+ Teachers
200+ Students

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