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Job Description

We are looking for a talented teacher who can design new lessons from scratch that meet all the requirements of communicative best practice, including a strong ability to include multimodal learning. These lessons will be edited by our online algorithm to provide tailored experiences to a diverse international set of English learners

Requirements & Qualifications

Certification isn’t necessarily a requirement but best practice and fun/interesting lessons that allow students an element of self discovery are.

Please submit a lesson sample plan and any relevant teaching materials, with resume. The lesson should be aimed at any age group between 16-35 from A2 – B1 (CEFR) and follow a typical structure taught by CELTA or a credited TEFL course (good lessons could include a structure that includes setting context and activating schemata at the beginning of a lesson through to delivering target vocabulary/grammar through to ‘free’ practice at the end’)

Salary & Benefits

Potential to be part of a dynamic new startup for huge potential for growth and upside.

ID #23423 Location Online Job Type Part Time Contract Length Less than 6 months Pay $12 USD /Hourly Date Posted 2020-02-27
General Requirements
Accepted TEFL Certifications 120-Hour Classroom TEFL Certification Teaching Experience 1-3 years experience required. Degree Required? Yes English Proficiency Level Native Speaker/C2 Level

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Our mission: to provide high quality, personalized and fun learning experiences to people of all ages, backgrounds and skill sets. Our vision: A tailored experience that revolutionizes the current educational model. We ensure everybody can utilize their strengths to become experts in new fields: the chess player, the violinist, and athlete can all optimize their learning experience in a pluralistic, fun and dynamic environment.


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