Certified Public School Teacher For Taipei - August 2020

Reach To Teach Recruiting  
Taipei, Taiwan

Job Description

Are you a certified North American public school teacher looking for a position at an excellent school in Taiwan?

Reach To Teach is partnered with a number of excellent public schools and private schools in Taipei, and we're looking for passionate and experienced teachers with formal teaching experience. Your job will be to increase students' interests and motivations in studying English by providing fun and engaging lessons and activities for your classroom.

We have two public schools in Taipei that are looking for certified teachers to start immediately.

Start Date: August 2020


BEd Degree in Education / Early Childhood / Elementary Education
Valid Public School Teaching Certification OR Sub Teaching License
Experience working with young learners
Clear National Background Check from your home country (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK and the US)

MONTHLY SALARY: Earn NT$62,000-NT$90,000 per month (depending on education, experience, and qualifications)
BONUSES: Attendance bonus and performance incentives
PAID VACATION: Paid vacation time plus National Holidays

Health and dental insurance
Paid teaching training
Weekends off
Work permit and ARC provided
Additional Job Details:

Teaching materials and books provided by the school
Training provided
Very low teacher turnover (This school keeps there teachers an average of four to five years.)

TO APPLY: https://www.reachtoteachrecruiting.com/apply-now-to-teach-english-abroad.html#/jobdetails/job_20200114062016_BJJHNQMUMB9XDMM0

ID #35012 Location Various locations, Taipei, Taiwan Job Type Full Time Contract Length 12 months Pay 62,000-90,000 TWD /Monthly Date Posted 2020-08-19
General Requirements
Accepted TEFL Certifications Teaching Experience 1-3 years experience required. Degree Required? Yes English Proficiency Level Native Speaker/C2 Level

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School Information

Reach To Teach Recruiting

Reach To Teach is a FREE ESL Teacher Placement Agency. We never take a percentage of your salary and there are no hidden fees. The Reach To Teach program encourages upcoming graduates and recent alumni to explore paid opportunities teaching English to children in countries such as South Korea, Taiwan and China. This is an excellent opportunity for upcoming graduates and recent alumni that want to encounter new cultures, work with children, learn a new language and perhaps pay off some student loans! It’s a great way to ‘give something back’ while also developing one’s own resume and skill set over the course of a year.


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