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Idiomas Mundiales 
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At Idiomas Mundiales, creating a positive experience for our teachers is extremely important to us. Unlike most schools, which focus on bottom lines and profits, Idiomas Mundiales is owned and operated by English teachers. We know what it’s like to be a first year teacher because we were first year teachers too. We understand the ups and downs that you will experience because we had the same experiences. We know the difference between working at a good school and a bad one, and the huge effect that can have on your stay.

What makes Idiomas Mundiales the best place to teach English in Costa Rica?

1) NO LESSON PLANNING: The owners at Idiomas Mundiales have over 25 years experience and hundreds of lesson plans and activities. We have no desire to ask our teachers to spend multiple hours per week racking their brains trying to come up with new and interesting ideas, when we have great ideas already. Every week teachers have one on one meetings with an owner or director, where he/she will be shown exactly what to do for upcoming classes, given tips and have any questions or doubts cleared up. This way new teachers learn how to teach step by step, stress free, instead of being thrust into a sink or swim situation.

2) HELP FINDING HOUSING: Another big stress when beginning your teaching career, or moving to a new country is finding a quality place to live. Especially when there is a language barrier. At Idiomas Mundiales, we can put you in contact with several living options, and help with any Spanish problems that you might encounter. We can’t 100% guarantee you a place that meets your needs, everyone has different needs, but we do make the extra effort to help you find your place.

3) DISCOUNTS ON TRAVEL IN COSTA RICA: Idiomas Mundiales also runs a travel agency. We are able to get teachers and staff fantastic deals on hotels, car rentals and activities.

4) HELP WITH DAY-TO-DAY PROBLEMS: Living in a new country always presents problems and challenges to new teachers, most of which can be avoided or at least reduced if the teacher gets good advice and guidance. We place a high priority on the well being of our teachers, and will always do whatever we can to help teachers deal with and avoid annoyances and problems.

5) 1st YEAR TEACHERS WELCOME: Many first year teachers have difficulty finding quality jobs after they graduate, as many schools prefer more experienced teachers. Because of our weekly sessions and training, being a first year teacher is not a disadvantage at our school. If you are charismatic and have a great attitude, we have a place for you.

ID #3715 Location Heredia, Heredia, Costa Rica Job Type Full Time Date Posted 2017-02-16
General Requirements
Accepted TEFL Certifications 100-Hour Bridge Certificate, or Equivalent Teaching Experience No Teaching Experience Required

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Idiomas Mundiales

Idiomas Mundiales was founded in 2009 in Heredia, and has been serving as one of Costa Rica's premier business English institutes since then. We pride ourselves on creating real-life activities that engage our students and provide ample opportunity for auto-correction.

Est. In 2009
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