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Job Description

Teach English Online
Set up your home office and get ready to teach English online to students around the world. With our flexible scheduling, you can teach adult students in one-to-one lessons or conversational group classes at a time that suits you. Our simple yet sophisticated online classroom has all the necessary tools, lesson plans and materials to help you be the best teacher you can be.
• Be your own boss. Classes available 24/7, 363 days a year
• Work from home
• Our intuitive online classroom can make teaching easy
• Teach a variety of classes. Teach one-to-one classes of 20 min and 40 min, and group classes of 45 min.
• Lesson plans and teaching materials are created by our academic team as an optional resource for you.

Requirements & Qualifications

You need to meet the following requirements to start:
• Be a resident of the United States. You should be living and authorized to work in the United States.
• Fully fluent English speaker (C2)
• Bachelor’s degree. You should have a completed bachelor’s degree.
• 40-hour TEFL Certificate.
• Previous teaching experience is a plus.

Technical Recommendations
• Desktop computer or a laptop with a webcam. Our online teaching platform works with either PC or Mac-based machines. Tablets and mobiles are not suitable.
• Stable internet connection. In an online environment a strong connection is everything. You should have a stable Wi-Fi connection or a cable internet connection.
• Headset. It is recommended that teachers use headsets, as built-in microphones and speakers do not provide enough quality for smooth communication with students.

Salary & Benefits


ID #41719 Location Online Job Type Part Time Contract Length 6 months Pay $12/hr USD /Hourly Date Posted 2021-01-07
General Requirements
Accepted TEFL Certifications 120+ Hour Online TEFL/TESOL Certification ; 120-Hour Classroom TEFL Certification; 150-Hour IDELT Online TEFL Certificate, or Equivalent; Bridge IDELT/Cambridge CELTA/Trinity TESOL; M.A. in TESOL Teaching Experience No Teaching Experience Required Degree Required? Yes English Proficiency Level Native Speaker/C2 Level

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School Information

EF Teach Online - Adults

EF Education First is a world leader in international education. Our mission is simple: to open the world through education. Combining 55+ years of teaching experience, we have distilled everything we have learnt about what it takes to be a great educator into our online teaching platform.

Est. In 1965
45+ Teachers
200+ Students

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