Elementary Teachers

Kasintorn Academy  
Bangkae, Thailand

Job Description

The school is hiring elementary teachers for the new term starting in May 2018. If you would like to pursue a teaching career, our school can help you get started. You will find our school a good training arena for your future teaching career or for your further education in teaching.

Teaching in a primary/elementary level, you will be teaching math, computer, science, health, English, and club. There are approximately 23 teaching hours per week.

Salary & Benefits

1. 5,000 THB accomodation allowance per month
2. Free basic group health and accidental insurance
3. Support on visa and work permit application process
4. One time visa and work permit fee subsidy (once a minimum 3-month non-B visa is supplied by the applicant)
5. Paid sick or personal leave of one day per month
6. 25,000 contract completion bonus for a two semester contract

ID #7772 Location 162 Puttamonton Sai 3 Bangpai, Bangkae, Thailand Job Type Full Time Contract Length 9 months Pay 38,000++ THB /Monthly Date Posted 2018-04-12
General Requirements
Accepted TEFL Certifications No requirement Teaching Experience No Teaching Experience Required Degree Required? Yes English Proficiency Level Native Speaker/C2 Level

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School Information

Kasintorn Academy

Kasintorn Academy is a bilingual program school that offers instruction in English for students in kindergarten, primary, and secondary levels. We are located on the west side of Bangkok. Our students are mainly Thais. Our school follows Thai national curriculum. In a kindergarten level, a teacher will teach math, health, thinking and English). In a primary and secondary level, a teacher will teach math, computer, science, health, and English.

Est. In 2002
45+ Teachers
200+ Students
K-12 School

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