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With over 100 schools across China, Aston Educational Group has been at the forefront of English Education in China for over 20 years.

With schools in Guangzhou, Dalian, Xian, Chengdu, Yantai, Xiamen, Yinchuan, Changsha, Hefei (and many more), no matter what kind of city you are looking for we provide plenty of options. A list of our locations is available on our website, as well as plenty of additional informationhttp://www.astonrecruiting.com

So why teach with Aston?
– At Aston we have our own curriculum and books, so lesson planning is a breeze. We provide initial and ongoing training to all teachers.
– Teachers can work 23 hours a week and get 3 days off. For those who want to work more hours can work 28 hours a week. No hidden hours.
– All of our schools offer teachers a free apartment, so there are no expensive set up costs. Mandarin lessons and medical insurance are also included.
– If you don’t want to commit to a yearlong contract we also offer 6 month contracts.
– American owned company with both school and regional management in place to help teachers with anything they need. If you want to speak to some of our current teachers, we can arrange that for you.

Career Development at Aston:
Unlike a lot of teaching jobs in China, at Aston we have plenty of opportunities for advancement. Not only that, but we don’t require our teachers to work as teachers for 2 or 3 years before they can move up. We’ve had teachers move to management positions as quickly as 6 months after starting. The most important thing for us is an individual’s passion, skills and motivation.

So what kind of opportunities are available?
Fancy yourself as a manager? Our Assistant School Managers and School Managers have direct influence over who the school is run. After that, regional management awaits you.
Like travelling? Our Regional Support Officers get to the opportunity to travel across China supporting our schools in a variety of ways.
Want to pass on your teaching knowledge? We have a number of regional Teacher Trainers who train the next generation or Aston teachers and continually assess and provide support to current teachers.

The above is just a taste of the opportunities we have available for our teachers. So if you want to start or continue your teaching journey but strive to have something to work towards then we can help you with that. Check out our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AstonEnglish/

What we offer:
– Competitive salary
– Choice of 23 or 28 hours a week. 23 hours a week comes with 3 DAYS OFF!!
– Free apartment. Rent and hassle free!
– Flight allowance
– Paid holidays
– Weekly mandarin lessons.
– Medical insurance
– Training and professional development
– 6 or 12 month contracts

What we look for:
– Native English speaker from US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand.
– Bachelor’s degree (any major)
– 21 to 55 years’ old
– Genuine interest on teaching, specifically younger leaners.
– Adaptable and adventurous.

ID #8971 Location Various Locations Across China, Various Locations Across China, China Job Type Full Time Contract Length 12 months Pay 12000-16000 CNY /Monthly Date Posted 2018-08-09
General Requirements
Accepted TEFL Certifications 120-Hour Bridge Certificate, or Equivalent Teaching Experience No Teaching Experience Required

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School Information

Aston English

Aston English Aston English is the flagship division of The Aston Educational Group. Aston English started in the city of Dalian in 1996. From the humble beginning of a single school it has flourished into one of the largest ESL operators in China with over 120 schools in 70 cities across 22 provinces. Locations We have schools across the whole of China, from Inner Mongolia to Guangdong, Xinjiang to Jiangsu. This gives teachers a choice as to the kind of lifestyle they want when they come to experience China. We currently have schools in 7 of the top 20 cities for foreigners to live in China as voted in International Talent Magazine. Curriculum & Syllabus We have spent many years developing our own curriculum and syllabus. Our primary focus is on spoken and listening English with reading and writing as a secondary. Teachers will have full support with regard to text books. They are given a Teacher’s guide, Text book and Workbook for each level that they are responsible for teaching Class Levels We have two level sets, Kindergarten and Pre School levels and then Primary school through to High school levels. Training and Development Along with our students, teachers are our priority. We have spent much time and resources on teacher development and foreign teacher support. We have central and regional offices overseeing all our franchisee and company schools. Most locations have foreign managers and a line of support to promote fairness and clear communication to break through cultural barriers and reduce misunderstandings. We understand the dynamics of working within a multicultural environment and do our best to make our teachers time in China as comfortable as possible and their experience enjoyable and extraordinary. Before teachers start their contract they go on a 2 day training course called TCERT training. This is an induction and orientation course where the newly employed teachers are introduced to the course books and materials they will be using during the course of their employment. They will also have the opportunity to share ideas in workshops and do practice classes to get them warmed up and some initial classroom experience. Teacher development is very important to Aston. During the course of a teacher’s employment they will have the opportunity to request coaching or observe peer classes to help them improve or develop as teachers. Classroom Environment Currently Aston English is undergoing an upgrade. We have our traditional Aston English Schools and then we have what is called Aston 3.0 which utilizes interactive whiteboards, activity rooms where children can use and develop their English in real life situations while also stimulating their creativity.

Est. In 1996
45+ Teachers
200+ Students
Language Center

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