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Whether you’re just starting out on your first adventure abroad or you’re an experienced teacher looking for your next destination, our free TEFL Country Guides provide all the information you need, at your fingertips!
Download Country Guides For:
  • Brazil Brasil
  • Chile Chile
  • Czech Republic Czech Republic
  • South Korea South Korea
  • Spain Spain
  • Costa Rica Costa Rica
  • China China
  • Japan Japan
  • Thailand Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

Each Colorful and Information-Packed Country Guide Includes:

Country Description
  • Geography
  • Culture
  • Language
  • Things to do and see
Cost of Living Info
  • Currency
  • Sample Cost Guide
Teaching Overview
  • Demand for teachers
  • Major TEFL cities
  • Typical Students
  • Average salary/benefits
  • Teaching hours/contracts
Job Information
  • Peak hiring season
  • Hiring requirements/process
  • Tips to find jobs/interview
  • Work visa processes
  • Best TEFL certification to qualify for jobs

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