English proficiency testing has long been a high-stakes rite of passage for those looking to secure admissions to a top school abroad, get an international job, or land a promotion to the global C-suite. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made traditional, in-person testing impossible, thereby pushing online, technology-based assessment to the forefront and sparking discussion around whether the conventional paradigm is, in fact, as accessible or accurate as once perceived.

Join Bridge Education Group CEO Jean-Marc Alberola and senior representatives from five key companies in the testing field as they provide updates on changes they’ve implemented in the past year and discuss what to expect in the year to come. In addition to a focus on how they continue to adapt to an online world, including offering in-person and hybrid test formats, we’ll dive deeper into concerns around security, accessibility, equity, availability, and validity, and explore how technology (especially AI and machine learning) continues to provide solutions and challenges to the many issues around testing.

This webinar builds on the themes in BridgeUniverse’s January 2021 article, English Test Providers Jockey for Position as Pandemic Accelerates Online Trend.