Preparing the Next Generation of Global Citizens: Using 21st-Century Skills in the ESL Classroom

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Today’s world is more interconnected than ever, and to play an active role in the global community requires a special set of transferable skills, which teachers are uniquely poised to help students cultivate. How can educators foster an appreciation of cultural diversity in their students, and how can they promote social, environmental, and global awareness within an English teaching context? Join us for a discussion of a teacher’s role in nurturing students’ global citizenship skills, and get practical classroom strategies and activities that will help English learners embrace a multicultural mentality.


Dr. Eoin Jordan
Dr. Eoin Jordan is the Director of the International Education Institute at the University of St Andrews. He leads the development of English language requirements for degree programs across the university, and his research interests include: English as a Lingua Franca; World Englishes; peer assessment; educational technologies; vocabulary acquisition and assessment
Eric Peterson
Eric Peterson is the Head of REAL (Reimagining English as an Additional Language) at Westcliff University. REAL is an Intensive English program. Eric has taught English for over 17 years in Denmark, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United States at the university level. He studied TESOL and Spanish in the United States. In Denmark and Spain, he graduated from an Erasmus Mundus master's program in Lifelong Learning: Policy and Management. Eric served as a United States Peace Corps volunteer in the University TEFL program in Ukraine.

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