A key contributor to Bridge’s new Micro-credentil course on teaching pronunciation discusses the need for specialized training in this area, how pronunciation skills affect the speech habits of learners, and how to address student issues.


Taylor Eatherly develops lessons with a focus on specialized skills practice for language learners, including the new Pronunciation course from Bridge Education Group. She started her ELT career teaching English to cadets at a police academy in T’bilisi, the capital city of Georgia, and has since found herself in classrooms all over the world, from Saudi Arabia to Argentina, Japan, and the US. She also specializes in curriculum and instructional design.

Aisha Gamam is an EFL teacher who has worked abroad for over ten years and taught in the US for four years, and is currently Senior Team Leader and HR Representative, PYD English, at King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia. She has worked in multiple countries including Oman, Yemen, and Turkey. While in the United States, Aisha taught online students from China, Latin America and East Africa. Her teaching ranges from basic general English skills to TOEFL and IELTS prep courses, as well as English for specific purposes. In addition to teaching, Aisha has conducted workshops for teachers, students, and several international schools while teaching abroad.

This panel is hosted by Jack.

Growing up in China, Jack Mao’s interest in languages was sparked by his grandfather, a translator, who taught him English and Japanese. While Jack’s undergraduate studies were in mathematics and philosophy, he later went on to earn master’s degrees in Japanese studies and linguistics from the University of Colorado, where he researched using computational methods to model phonetical patterns of speech. Jack has been teaching Chinese, Japanese, English, and linguistics for nearly 10 years and is the Operations and Media Manager for BridgeUniverse, the news and media arm of Bridge. Jack is currently getting certified as an English-Mandarin medical interpreter.