This 40-hour, comprehensive online training with tutor is designed for TEFL/TESOL certified teachers who would like to gain valuable skills in designing custom courses for particular groups of students (English for Specific Purposes).


Perfect for busy professionals, this course is self-paced, with a 3-month time limit for completion, during which you may log in and work when it’s convenient for you.

Create your own courses with this Specialized Certification!

Create your own courses with this Specialized Certification!

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

Online learners
Identify the requisite components of a needs-based, specialized English for Specific Purposes (ESP) syllabus.

Online learners
Examine the theories and develop an ESP syllabus that reflects appropriate content material based on a researched-based second language acquisition framework.

Online learners
Evaluate appropriate needs-based and course assessment tools.

Online learners
Design lesson plans that link the needs of the students to sound educational language acquisition principles and the content area.

40-hour Specialized Certificate: Designing Custom Courses

  • Course Requirements

    In order to take this course you must be at least 18 years old with a minimum of a high school diploma or the equivalent.

    Because this specialized course is designed to build on a foundation of more general training, it is recommended that you are either already TEFL/TESOL certified, or enroll in this course concurrently with a general TEFL/TESOL course, such as the IDELTOnline™.

    If you are not a native English speaker, you will be expected to show proof of English fluency at a C1 level or higher, according to the Common European Framework, upon enrollment. Your English level must be verified with the results of a recently taken English proficiency test (showing the equivalent to an IELTS test score of at least 7.0) or via an English proficiency test administered by Bridge.

  • Course Outline

    You may work through the 10 units at your own pace, with the guidance of a TEFL tutor, during your 3 months’ access to the Specialized Certificate course. Unit topics are as follows:

    Unit 1 – Introduction to Designing Custom Courses
    Unit 2 – A Foundation in Discourse
    Unit 3 – Determining Target Needs
    Unit 4 – Analyzing and Organizing Needs
    Unit 5 – Student-Centered Course Objectives
    Unit 6 – Creating the Syllabus
    Unit 7 – Creating, Selecting, and Adapting Materials
    Unit 8 – Appropriate Methodology and Strategy
    Unit 9 – More Appropriate Methodologies and Strategies
    Unit 10 – Assessing and Revising ESP Courses

  • Assignments/Assessment

    Throughout the course you will:

    • Read and view material found in the course, as well as in linked online resources, teacher’s contributions, and other included components.
    • Complete self-check, non-graded quizzes in each unit to check your understanding of these materials.
    • Analyze the concepts found in those materials to draw inferences in your written assignments (such as forum posts and essays) regarding best practices in designing custom TEFL-TESOL courses.

    Your final grade for the course is based on the completion of two 1,000-1,500-word written assignments (graded by your tutor) and a final exam. These components are weighted as follows:

    Assignment 1 – 30% of your overall grade
    Assignment 2 – 30% of your overall grade
    Final Exam – 40% of your overall grade

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Pay for your course in installments using Mercado Pago!

Pay for your course in installments using Mercado Pago!

Pay for your course in installments using Mercado Pago!


  • How long do I have to complete a Specialized Certificate course?

    You will have 3 months from the day you enroll in your Specialized Certificate to complete it. (Most students finish the course sooner – in four to six weeks.)

    If you sign up Specialized Certificate along with one of our TEFL courses, we recommend you first complete your general TEFL course and then start your Specialized Certificate course. You will then have 3 months from the day you begin your Specialized Course to complete it.

  • What if I don’t finish my Specialized Certificate course within 3 months?

    If you don’t finish in time for any reason, you can purchase an extension to complete your Specialized Certificate course, either before it expires or for up to one year after expiration. Extensions cost $100 for an additional 3 months. Please note that once your course/extension has expired, you will no longer have access to the course.

  • What are the requirements to take this course?

    To take Bridge Specialized Certificates, you must be at least 18 years old. If you are not a native English speaker you will need a high level of proficiency (C1) in order to successfully complete the course.

    We also recommend that students have a background in teaching English as a foreign language, either with completion of a TEFL/TESOL course or previous English teaching experience. You can also enroll in a Bridge course and a Specialized Certificate course simultaneously to meet this requirement. We recommend, however, that you work through your general course first, followed by the Specialized Certificate course(s), in order to build a foundation for this training.

  • Can I take this course on its own or do I have to add them to one of your TEFL certificates?

    Specialized Certificate courses can either be taken individually to complement general certification or teaching experience you already have. They may also be added-on to your enrollment in any Bridge course.

    If you add specialized certificates to the IDELTOnline™ your final certificate will reflect the total number of hours completed. For example, if you added the Specialized Certificate in Teaching English Online (40 hours) to the IDELTOnline™ (150 hours), you would receive a 190-hour TEFL certificate.

  • Can I take more than one Specialized Certificate?

    Yes, you may sign up for as many as you like. We recommend you complete one certificate course before beginning the 3-month timeline on the next one.

  • Do I need a textbook for the Specialized Certificate courses?

    No. All the materials you will need to complete your course are available 100% online. You can complete these courses from anywhere in the world with Internet connection.

  • Is there a tutor in this course?

    Yes. In this self-study course, you will have a tutor available to answer any questions you have and also to provide feedback and a grade on your two written assignments.

  • What grade do I need to pass a Specialized Certificate course?

    You must earn a minimum of 70% on your course assignments/final exam, in order to pass and receive your 20 or 40-hour Specialized Certification.

  • Can I earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for this course?

    Yes! You'll earn 1 CEU for every 10 hours of Bridge certification. For example, if you successfully complete a 40-hour Specialized Certificate, you will earn 4 CEUs. Click here to learn more about CEUs

  • How will I receive my Specialized Certificate after I complete my course?

    Upon successful completion of your Specialized Certificate course, you can download and print your certificate from our online certificate verification portal for free. You may also order a hard copy certificate mailed to you anywhere in the world for an additional fee. Click here to view fees for hard copy certificate orders.

About the Certificate

Download and print your TEFL/TESOL certificate for free.

All Bridge certifications are detailed on your certificate, including Primary and Specialized.

Courses are stackable! The total number of hours you completed is indicated, and this number updates each time you add another course.

Option to order a hard copy certificate mailed to anywhere in the world!

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Not yet TEFL/TESOL certified or want to upgrade your existing training?

Combine this Specialized Certificate with the 150-hour Bridge International Diploma in English Language Teaching (IDELTOnline™), a 12-week, 100% online TEFL/TESOL course, with optional teaching practicum, for professional educators.

150-hour TEFL/TESOL Certification

150-hour TEFL/TESOL certification with optional teaching practicum exceeds international hiring standards for most jobs

Fully accredited by ACCET

Fully accredited by ACCET, which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education

earn graduate-level credit

May be taken for transferrable university credit toward a graduate certificate, master’s program, or a scholarship at our Pathway Partner universities and others

Interactive structure

Interactive structure, with cohort of international trainees

Qualified instructors

Qualified and experienced master’s-level instructors

Fully accredited by ACCET

Includes personalize job placement assistance: access to a Jobs Advisor the Bridge Job Board.

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Our most advanced online TEFL/TESOL course is a pathway to an M.A. in TESOL or related degree at these Bridge university partners:


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