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Get feedback and ask questions throughout the course.

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Interactive content
Instructional videos, downloadable resources, quizzes & activities, and discussion board.

Certificate of completion
Qualify for 1,000s of jobs worldwide with an internationally recognized certificate.

University credit and continuing education units
Earn up to 6 college credits through ACE Credit and up to 12 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Job placement assistance
Access our global job network via the Bridge Job Board and get matched with preferred employer partners through BridgeTEFL Connection.

English Proficiency Level Requirement: B1 CEFR Level

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Pay for your course in installments using Mercado Pago!

Pay for your course in installments using Mercado Pago!

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Look inside our best-in-class TEFL course curriculum.

Learning Objectives

When you graduate this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Analyze the personal characteristics, roles, and habits of successful EFL teachers and learners.

  • Identify the characteristics of effective classroom instructions and strategies.

  • Categorize English into language systems: vocabulary, grammatical structure, phonology, and function to help focus on specific areas of language study and instruction.

  • Explain the reasons and methods for testing English language learners.

  • Outline the components that thorough lesson plans should have and prepare effective lesson plans for an EFL classroom that integrate effective activities supported with classroom visual aids and technology.

  • Identify the key elements of English grammar and plan grammar lessons with non-traditional instructional strategies, such as games and music.

  • Identify and differentiate current education strategies to design EFL/ESL lesson plans for a range of young learners and integrate the principles of first and second language acquisition pedagogy to teach young learners

  • Identify and apply current adult language characteristics and educational theories to design lesson plans that meet Business English class goals and objectives


Course Curriculum
  • Targeted, interactive modules on essential topics in teaching reading, writing, speaking, and listening to speakers of other languages. The course is 100% online and lessons are delivered via reading assignments, videos, interactive assessments, and quizzes.

    Throughout the 13 modules, you will complete lesson plans and other short, written assignments, such as essays or sample lesson plans, that will be submitted to your personal tutor for feedback and a grade. Your tutor is also available via the convenient communication feed to answer any questions you have as you work through your course.

Module 1 The Role of the Teacher and Learner and Language Learning Methodology
Module 2 Classroom Management
Module 3 Language Systems and Skills, and a Brief History of English
Module 4 Acquiring a New Language
Module 5 Testing for the EFL/ESL Student
Module 6 Culture and the EFL/ESL Classroom
Module 7 Teaching the Receptive Skills: Reading and Listening
Module 8 Productive Skills - Speaking and Writing
Module 9 Teaching Vocabulary
Module 10 Teaching Grammar
Module 11 Teaching Phonology
Module 12 Planning Lessons
Module 13 Using Visual Aids, Technology, Activities and Games
Bonus sections!
10-hours Introduction to Teaching Business English
10-hours Introduction to Teaching Young Learners

13 Module Quizzes

18 Instructional Videos

16 Tutor Graded Assignments

Access to Resources:
EFL/ESL Glossary 
Grammar Tools 

This 40-hour component is a grammar refresher course, certification, and teaching resource all in one. Complete the self-study grammar course first, which includes four comprehensive sections, each with reading, interactive practice quizzes, and supplemental video tutorials.

When you’re ready, take the final exam to earn your 40-hour Grammar Advisor Certification, which is applied toward your total 120-hour TEFL/TESOL certification (and may also be downloaded separately).

As a teacher, refer back to this grammar course as a reference for up to a year, and take advantage of the "Ask the Grammar Advisor" feature, by submitting questions to our team of grammar experts to receive a personalized response.

Words Sentences
  • Basic Components: Morphemes & Words
  • Major Parts of Speech: Content Words
  • Minor Parts of Speech: Function Words
  • Simple Sentences
  • Building Sentences
  • Sentence Structure
  • Combining Thought with Compound and Complex Sentences
Tenses Teaching
  • Overview of Tenses
  • Tenses Outside Time
  • Foundations of Grammar Lesson Planning
  • Grammar Lesson Planning
  • More Ways to Work with Grammar

26 Practice Quizzes

1 Graded Final Exam

55 Animated Explainer Videos

Access to Glossary of Grammar Terms & Definitions

These two, 10-hour modules go beyond general training by providing a preliminary introduction to Teaching Young Learners and Business Professionals. You’ll learn the basics of designing and delivering effective lessons specific to learners in these high-demand teaching areas, and create a foundation for future study.

2 Module Quizzes

These resources are designed to make the process of finding TEFL jobs or advancing in the field as clear and easy as possible for our graduates. You’ll learn how to improve your resume, find and apply to TEFL jobs, and ace your interview so that you can get the teaching job of your dreams. If you’re already teaching, you’ll find helpful information on continuing professional development, recommended TESOL organizations you can join, and teaching resources you can use in your own classroom. You’ll also learn how to take advantage of Bridge’s job placement services and connect to our community of TEFL teachers and schools worldwide.

Module 1 Finding a Job, Downloading Your Certificate, and Updating Your Resume
Module 2 Stay Connected with Bridge!
Module 3 TEFL/TESOL Professional Development Opportunities
Take the next step in your academic journey and career.

This course has been evaluated and recommended for 6 semester hours of undergraduate college credit by The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®).

To qualify to earn ACE CREDIT for the Master Certificate, TEFL trainees should either have already completed a bachelor’s degree or currently be enrolled in a degree program as at least a junior in standing, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

If you would like to earn college credit for the Master Certificate, we recommend confirming that your college or university will consider ACE credit recommendations for transfer credit. You can also contact a Bridge Admissions Advisor at tefladmissions@bridge.edu to learn more.

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Continuing Education Unit (CEUs) are nationally recognized units of measurement for participation in non-credit, continuing education programs. BridgeTEFL is accredited by ACCET (the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training), and any ACCET-approved Bridge course, including our online TEFL programs, can be taken for 1 CEU per 10 hours of TEFL course instruction.

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Requirements to take this course:
  • 18 years of age
  • High school diploma or the equivalent
  • If English is not your first language, you must have an intermediate or higher level of English proficiency (B1 level, according to the CEFR, the Common European Framework Reference for Language) which is a score of approximately 5.0 on the IELTS test.

What makes Bridge's online TEFL courses different?

Responsive Design

This online TEFL/TESOL course can be completed on any device. On the go? Work on your course from your phone or tablet!

Easy Navigation

When you log in to your BridgeTEFL online course, you’ll see your course components outlined right on the navigation menu. The progress bar also helps you manage your time effectively.

Tutor Support

Your qualified and experienced personal TESOL tutor is there to guide you and answer questions through the course. You’ll receive detailed feedback and grades on written assignments.

TEFL Videos

Watch videos featuring real EFL teachers in the classroom in order to observe the techniques you’re learning about and to get ideas for new games and teaching strategies.

Interactive Content

Content is designed to directly involve you in your learning, keeping the course interesting. Clickable practice quizzes and fun exercises in every module ensure you're actively engaged in your TEFL training.

Learn from TEFL experts. Meet our tutors!

From the first day of your course, you will be assigned a personal tutor who will be with you throughout your training. Your tutor will provide feedback on your written assignments and answer any questions you have along the way.

Why should you take this course?

Take the 120-Hour Master TEFL Certification course to get a solid background in teaching methodology and effective lesson planning and to qualify for teaching jobs.

Exceed minimum requirements for international teaching jobs.

Specialize your training to stand out to employers.

Have the option to earn college credit for your course.


You must be at least 18 years and have a high school diploma or the equivalent to take this course. If English is not your first language, you must also have an English proficiency level of at least B1 (according to the Common European Framework), which is a score of approximately 5.0 on the IELTS test.

The average amount of time most students take to complete the 120-hour course is 6 weeks, but you may take more or less time, depending on factors such as your other time obligations, how quickly you work, and how many hours you are able to dedicate to the course per week.

You have three months to complete this course. If you need more time, you may purchase a 3-month extension. This may be done while your course is still active or up to a year after it has expired.

No textbook is required for this course. All the materials you’ll need are available in the online platform.

Yes, it is. You can log in anytime and work on your own schedule when it’s convenient for you. Please note, however, that your personal tutor will provide feedback and a grade on at least one assignment for each of the 13 modules, and he or she requires one business day to do so.

There is no final exam in the 120-Hour Master Certificate course. Each of the 13 modules has required written assignments and a final, multiple-choice quiz at the end, which average together to make your grade for the module. Your final grade in the course is an average of your grade in all 13 modules.

The 40-hour Grammar Teaching component of this course (Grammar Advisor) has a 100-question final exam. This is a “pass/fail” exam, meaning it does not average into your overall grade for the course, but must simply be passed in order to receive the 40-hours toward your total certification.

Yes. There are 1-2 required written assignments per module in this core curriculum of this course (a total of 16 assignments). Each assignment is about 500-800 words. When you submit an assignment, your tutor will provide feedback and a grade on it by end of the following business day.

There are no written assignments required in the Grammar Advisor or component or the specialized introductory modules Teaching Young Learners or Teaching business English.

It is unlikely you will fail the course since your final grade is an average of 13 modules’ grades. Each module’s grade is made up of two components: the module assignment(s) and the module quiz. If you fail a module quiz, you cannot retake it; however, if you fail a module assignment, you have one chance to resubmit it for a passing grade.

TEFLOnline.com courses require access to the Internet, including the ability to watch online videos using a flash player, such as Adobe. The courses may be completed on any device, including a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

No, it does not, but you can add one by registering for the 20-hour  This practicum provides the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a real ESL classroom and meet the requirements of more teaching jobs. Guided Teaching Practicum.

Yes! The course itself includes a section about professional development, with job tips by region, resume help, and other resources. You’ll also get access to the Bridge Job Board, where pre-approved employers post open teaching positions around the globe to which you can apply.

Yes! Our online TEFL courses are ACCET-accredited and may be taken for CEUs. You earn 1 CEU for every 10 hours of TEFL certification. For example, an online TEFL course of 100 hours would be eligible for 10 CEUs. Click here to learn more about CEUs.

Yes! The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®) has evaluated and recommended up to six semester hours of undergraduate college credit for the Master Certificate. If you would like to earn university credit for this course, we recommend TEFL trainees have already completed a bachelor’s degree or are currently enrolled in a degree program as at least a junior in standing, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

If you meet the above requirements, the next step is to confirm that your college or university will consider ACE credit recommendations for transfer credit. You can do this by first checking the ACE Credit College and University Network of institutions. Please note, some schools choose not to be listed, but do accept ACE CREDIT-recommended courses for credit. Therefore, whether you find your school listed or not, please contact the institution's admissions office to confirm their transfer policies.

To learn more about earning college credit for your TEFL course, please contact tefladmissions@bridge.edu.

Kevin Mermel
International Program Advisor

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  • All BridgeTEFL certifications are detailed on your certificate, including Primary and Specialized.
  • Courses are stackable! The total number of hours you completed is indicated, and this number updates each time you add another course.
  • Option to order a hard copy certificate mailed to anywhere in the world!


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Pay for your course in installments using Mercado Pago!

Pay for your course in installments using Mercado Pago!

Pay for your course in installments using Mercado Pago!

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