Becoming a Digital Nomad: How to Use Digital Tools to Teach Abroad

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Whether you’re interested in becoming (or already) an independent English teacher or teaching through a tutor marketplace, using digital tools and apps will make your life easier and more enjoyable. What types of digital tools do you need? What are the preferred tools of current digital nomad teachers? We’ll discuss everything from choosing tools for scheduling classes, accepting payments and preparing lessons to websites to download pre-made lesson plans.


Rachel Story, Founder of Grateful Gypsies
Rachel Story is a nomadic ESL teacher originally from Tennessee. In 2010, she moved to China to begin teaching ESL. For five years, she taught at a variety of schools and training centers in Beijing and Kunming. In 2016, she began teaching English online with VIPKid and traveling full-time. Since then, she has been teaching, traveling, and living around the world with her husband Sasha. Together they document their travels and teach others how to become traveling teachers on their blog, Grateful Gypsies.
Elena Stolboushkina, ESL Teacher
Elena is a passionate and qualified teacher of English as a Second Language with 23 years of teaching experience, during the last 6 years of which she has been teaching only online via Skype. Education: - Bachelor Honours Degree – English Language Philology, 2002; - 120 Hour TEFL certificate, 2019; - IGCSE ESL 0510 (CAIE), 2018. She has taught both large classes and individuals from young children to grannies, and from beginners to advanced levels. She has prepared students for a range of international exams, including IGCSE ESL CAIE, IELTS, PET, FCE, and others. As Elena says, she is not just a teacher of English for her students, she is also their supporter, mentor, motivator, and also a coach, who trains their ability to think and analyze first of all, and she also teaches them to organize their time, because she believes that discipline is a key for success.
Krzl Light Nuñes, Online English Teacher and Digital Nomad
Krzl Light Nuñes is an independent online English teacher from the Philippines currently living in Chile. She has a BA in Journalism and worked in television as a writer before deciding to explore the world. She began her English teaching career in 2014 in Santiago and later established her own freelance ESL business, specializing in teaching English online. In addition to teaching, she writes articles about teaching English for various publications. Krzl is also an avid surfer and enjoys traveling South America in search of the perfect wave.
Anzhela Karamysheva
Originally from Russia, but consider herself an international person, a digital nomad. She’s been traveling for the past 12 years. She earned her master’s degree in tourism and hospitality at the Saint Petersburg State University of Technology and Design. Then she started to travel with different types of contracts beginning at 19 years old. She’s tried many different jobs depending on which country she traveled to. Animation, entertainment, tourism, and the restaurant business. The purpose was always- traveling. Her passion. Her way of living. Covid came and it clipped her wings and earnings. She suffered from inner drama thinking how to change her life and quickly realized she’s proficient in the English language which came to her naturally during her travels. She enrolled herself for a second diploma at the Bridge education group and graduated with a TEFL/TESOL international diploma along with taking additional courses. That’s how her story began.

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