Breaking Down LMS and Learning Platforms for English Teachers

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With so many opportunities to teach English independently online, many teachers are looking for eLearning platforms to host their classes and manage admin tasks like scheduling and invoices. Join our panel of experts as they discuss how learning platforms have evolved and the criteria to consider when choosing a platform. Gain the knowledge you need to find the right platform for you and your students!

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Xavier Lesage Moretti
Xavier Lesage Moretti is the founder & CEO of Koala, a Y Combinator startup, winner of the Edtech Impact Best Virtual Classroom and several awards. The mission of Koala is to make teachers financially successful so they can, one day, buy a house doing what they love.
Erin Ross
Erin Ross is the Team Lead & Communications Specialist at TutorBird. She oversees member communication, social media, and, well... anything with words! She loves connecting with tutors online, meeting them at trade shows, and cooking up new projects to help tutors learn more about TutorBird.
Kenny Wu
Kenny is responsible for developing ClassIn's US partnership and business development opportunities. Kenny holds an MEd in Instructional Technology from Columbia University, and a BA in Psychology from UCLA.
Maggie de Oliveira
Maggie de Oliveira is Bridge’s Teacher and Institutional Relations Manager. She collaborates with Bridge’s partner organizations and supports Bridge trainees throughout their learning journey. Maggie holds a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and has years of experience teaching EFL and ESL both in Brazil and the United States.

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