Harnessing the Power of Authentic Video to Teach English Online

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To get English students motivated and engaged, teachers need great content, and the “YouTube generation” is motivated by authentic video that tells a story. Digital Learning Associates, the winner of the ELTons award, looks at approaches to video in online lesson design.


Elena Deleyto La Cruz
Elena Deleyto La Cruz is the Commissioning Editor at Digital Learning Associates. She is the education content designer and ELT materials writer, and leads DLA on editorial production, learning design and scriptwriting.
Karyssa Cox
Karyssa Cox is Director of Marketing Operations at Bridge Education Group, a global leader in international education and English teacher training. Her key goal in this role is to ensure that the marketing team runs smoothly and efficiently while driving key company metrics such as lead generation and revenue. Her responsibilities include managing the marketing team, serving as a project manager, performing data analysis, and developing the marketing strategy. Prior to her current position, she held marketing roles in several industries, where she gained extensive experience in channels such as digital marketing, product marketing, marketing automation, and more. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Affairs from the University of Colorado, Boulder.
Stephen Haggard
Stephen Haggard is Director and Co-Founder at Digital Learning Associates. Stephen was a TV executive in BBC News and Factual programming, former head of Open University - BBC partnership, and an EdTech entrepreneur.

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