How ELT Social Media Influencers Are Redefining Online English Teaching

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Meet independent English teachers who are finding success through podcasts or as social media influencers, using sites like TikTok and Instagram to attract students or build their brand as teacherpreneurs. Watch this session to learn how teachers are taking to social media, becoming influencers, and rendefining online English teaching as we know it!


Kate Bogar
Kate Bogar is a Canadian English teacher living in Germany. She's been teaching English as a second language for 13 years now. Two years ago, she opened an online school and now has a 5-month program for Business English learners. Kate also helps teachers to use social media with balance & strategy, to maximize their time on social media, and simultaneously work on their online teaching business. You can find her Business English page on Instagram: @english.anywhere.de_kate and her teachers page @balancing_teachers.
Jennifer Lebedev
Jennifer Lebedev is a certified English language teacher with over twenty years of experience. Her early career included classroom instruction, teacher training, program administration, and in-house publications at an IEP in Boston. She has been online since 2007, offering live instruction and creating a range of digital content. Her YouTube channel, @EnglishwithJennifer, has 89 million views to date. In addition, she has an award-winning blog for teachers, is a frequent conference presenter, and has published vocabulary and grammar textbooks.
Lindsay McMahon
Lindsay McMahon is the CEO and Founder of All Ears English, which provides training in IELTS, Business English, and Fluency for international professionals through online courses, apps, social media, and live events. All Ears English is best known for their popular podcast which receives 4-5 million global monthly downloads and has been ranked in Best of Apple Podcasts categories in 2018 and 2019. The podcast presents a new way to learn English by helping global professionals focus on “Connection NOT Perfection.”

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