Making Grammar Interesting, Interactive and Inclusive

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Grammar lessons have a reputation for being dry or boring…but they don’t have to be! You can make learning English grammar exciting by including interactive activities featuring topics that are relevant to your students. Join us to learn how you can make grammar lessons more engaging, and see our expert panelists demonstrate specific activities that you can implement in your classroom.


Dr. Amina Douidi
Diversity, Inclusion and Intercultural Education Consultant in ELT @ Amina Douidi, ELT Consultancy. Dr Amina Douidi is an ELT professional who specializes in materials review and coursebook analysis. She holds a PhD in Intercultural Communication in ELT from the University of Southampton, UK. She studied her MA in Algeria and Spain and currently works as a presessional EAP Teacher at the University of Lancaster and as an independent Diversity and Inclusion consultant with publishers.
Erin Shaw Hernandez
Erin Shaw Hernandez is an experienced TESOL professional with expertise ranging from teaching in the classroom to owning and operating an accredited language school. She received a MA TESOL degree from Brigham Young University, and has extensive experience in curriculum and program development, teacher training, language assessment and program marketing.
Lynne McPhie, ESL Teacher
Lynne McPhie has an MA TESOL degree from Brigham Young University, where she specialized in curriculum and materials development. She has taught English in Thailand, Canada, and the US in a variety of programs including teacher training in volunteer English, children’s programs, community-based adult programs, and intensive English programs. Lynne was a full-time faculty member at Selnate International School and a visiting faculty member at Brigham Young University. She has developed curricula for business English programs and volunteer teaching programs. Her teaching interests include reading and grammar.

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