Oops, They Did It Again! Error Detection and Correction Strategies for the ESL Classroom

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What happens when language students make errors in the classroom? As a teacher, can you recognize the nature of that “error,” and do you know when it’s appropriate for students to self-correct or peer-correct versus when they need your help? The teacher’s ability to determine whether a student has made a mistake, a slip, or an error directly affects how to correct it. Properly executing these techniques can ensure that students avoid anxiety in speaking and feel comfortable putting their language skills to practice!
Join Bridge’s expert panel to learn more about the different types of errors in learning English and strategies on how to correct them.


Natasha Isadora Ala
Natasha Isadora Ala has been working for the past sixteen years in the TESOL/TEFL field. During this time, she has been a language center director, trained teachers as a Senior English Language Fellow, and designed curricula for Bridge Education Group, TEFL Express, and the American University of Beirut. She has taught both in-person and online classes to adults and kids. Natasha has had the privilege of working in countries such as Russia, Lebanon, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, United States, and Canada. Currently, she is teaching online while getting certified to work with disabled students in Canadian K-12 schools. Natasha received a MA in TESOL from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.
Erin Shaw Hernandez
Erin Shaw Hernandez is President of Selnate International School, an online English language program based in Provo, Utah. She has traveled throughout South America and Europe and been working with English language programs as a teacher and administrator for over 10 years. She received BA Linguistics and MA TESOL degrees from Brigham Young University, and has extensive experience in curriculum and program development, teacher training, language assessment and program marketing.
Rachel Story
Rachel Story is a nomadic ESL teacher originally from Tennessee. In 2010, she moved to China to begin teaching ESL. For five years, she taught at a variety of schools and training centers in Beijing and Kunming. In 2016, she began teaching English online with VIPKid and traveling full-time. Since then, she has been teaching, traveling, and living around the world with her husband Sasha. Together they document their travels and teach others how to become traveling teachers on their blog, Grateful Gypsies.

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