Optimize Your Well-Being as an Online English Teacher: Health, Safety, and Mental Attitudes

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Suffering from Zoom fatigue, or worse? Learn techniques to overcome the hidden challenges of teaching online from home and promote positive physical and mental health for you and your students.


Venice Irving
Venice Irving, from Jamaica, has been in the ELT field for more than 20 years and taught in primary school, high school, and college before founding Happy Teachers, a communications firm, in 2009. She has also created several online courses for teachers, such as “Cross-Cultural Communication Skills for the ESOL Teacher,” and is a sought-after speaker for local and global ELT events. She currently leads an online group of over 3,000 teachers.
Cassy Huidobro
As Bridge’s Instructional Design and eLearning Specialist, Cassy Huidobro applies her background in education and passion for teaching to the development of training courses that empower global English language teachers. She recently helped launch the innovative Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) program for bilingual educators, and she continues to collaborate on new courses every day, furthering Bridge’s mission to provide teachers worldwide with accessible, internationally recognized professional development credentials.
David Deubelbeiss is an author, professor and teacher trainer (TESOL). He's an ed-tech consultant and edupreneur, designing materials and building products that make a difference. Find him through ELT Buzz or on his LinkedIn group - ELT Professionals. He espouses the simple philosophy - "When one teaches, two learn."
David Deubelbeiss

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