Teach and Travel: Explore Pathways for Teaching English Abroad

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Are you an English teacher with the soul of an explorer? Learn about three options for teaching English abroad: teaching online, teaching with a program, or teaching for a school or university. Join us in a discussion of all these options as well as typical required qualifications and top destinations. Gather the information you need to make your international English teaching career a reality!


Harrison Fowler
Harrison Fowler moved to Spain in 2015 to teach English abroad and loved it so much he founded RVF International in 2017 to be a better bridge between the amazing schools in Spain and the teachers looking to move abroad. RVF has grown to be the number one and the largest Teach Abroad program in Spain helping hundreds of people move abroad to teach at the incredible schools all across Spain each year.
Shélynn Riel
Shélynn Riel is Bridge's Expert Series Moderator and regularly contributes articles and ELT news reports to the BridgeUniverse blog. She has served as an English language instructor for over a decade, a program coordinator in both university and community-based programs, and an English Language Fellow with the U.S. Department of State. Her interests include holistic teacher development, learner identity, and decolonial ethics in the language classroom. She is the co-creator of The Teacher Think-Aloud Podcast, which focuses on reflective practices for teachers around the world.
Giselle Alano
Giselle Alano, the Assistant Director at BFITS Thailand, is a seasoned education leader with over a decade of experience in the Thai education sector. Holding a Master's Degree in Education focused on Curriculum and Instruction, Giselle is dedicated to advancing student-centered learning and supporting educators. She is a trailblazer in integrating innovative technology into education, fostering an environment that promotes creativity and critical thinking.

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