Tech Tools for the Online Classroom

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An experienced teacher shares top digital apps and platforms for effective online English lessons, including tools like Manycam, Off2Class, Liveworksheets, and Grammarly, plus tips for troubleshooting tech in the virtual classroom.


Gabrielle Mare'
Bridge IDELTOnline graduate Gabrielle Mare', from South Africa, is an online English teacher who works with young learners and adults. She uses digital tools, songs, and games to engage her students in the virtual classroom. Gabrielle is also an experienced teacher trainer, regularly mentoring groups of junior teachers, and she also applies her background in sales and marketing to provide product demos of her company's online teaching platform.
Cassy Huidobro
As Bridge’s Instructional Design and eLearning Specialist, Cassy Huidobro applies her background in education and passion for teaching to the development of training courses that empower global English language teachers. She recently helped launch the innovative Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) program for bilingual educators, and she continues to collaborate on new courses every day, furthering Bridge’s mission to provide teachers worldwide with accessible, internationally recognized professional development credentials
Krzl Light Nuñes
Krzl Light Nuñes is an independent online English teacher from the Philippines currently living in Chile. She has a BA in Journalism and worked in television as a writer before deciding to explore the world. She began her English teaching career in 2014 in Santiago and later established her own freelance ESL business, specializing in teaching English online. In addition to teaching, she writes articles about teaching English for various publications. Krzl is also an avid surfer and enjoys traveling South America in search of the perfect wave.

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