Testing for Specific Purposes: Industry-Specific Language Evaluation

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Learning English for general purposes requires general English testing. But when learners have specific needs for English applications in fields like medicine, aviation, business English and more, a test specific to the industry is more appropriate. Learn more from industry leaders about the differences between general and industry-specific tests and how they can serve your students.


Ian Cawley
Ian Cawley has been involved in English language teaching and assessment for more than 25 years. He has worked as a Teacher, Academic Manager, Examiner Trainer (specializing in IELTS) and Exam Centre Manager in a wide range of countries, working closely with Cambridge University Press & Assessment before joining the organization 15 years ago. At Cambridge, he is currently the Product Manager for Business (BEC) Qualifications and the Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT). Ian is a specialist in both business English assessments and online testing. He has been involved in the development of Cambridge English’s new, flagship online testing product – Linguaskill and has also worked extensively on IELTS.
Moroni Flake
Moroni Flake is the CEO of English3 and Homebase. He has worked in international education for 13 years. Moroni has worked to create products that increase access to higher education and to improve the international student and scholar experience. Moroni has presented at various international conferences, primarily with a focus on student and scholar English proficiency policies. Moroni holds a B.A. in Business Strategy from Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Management.
Erin Shaw Hernandez is an experienced TESOL professional with expertise ranging from teaching in the classroom to owning and operating an accredited language school. She received a MA TESOL degree from Brigham Young University, and has extensive experience in curriculum and program development, teacher training, language assessment and program marketing.
Cathleen Mahoney
Cathleen Mahoney is the founder and CEO of Bright Language Testing LLC. After graduating with a double major in French and Spanish, she settled in Paris and began to teach languages for a training organization. She was eventually invited to become a partner by her manager, and when he moved on, she acquired the training company and rapidly grew the business.
Sherry Mazin
Sherry Mazin is the Business Development Manager - USA for iTEP. Sherry worked in international hospitality and recruitment as a designated Behavioral Training Director for 25 years before joining iTEP in 2021, where she provides superior personalized service to each of iTEP’s institutional and corporate clients in the US. Sherry is available to evaluate on-campus and at-home testing options for both international admissions and IEP/ESL programs needing pre-arrival, placement, or assessment testing.

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