The State of Teaching English Online as a Volunteer

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Learn how social impact organizations and their volunteer teachers have adapted to a hybrid (online/in-person) teaching world while continuing to support the communities they serve.


Johnny Dejeas
Johnny Dejeas is CC English Manager for www.Intercambio.org. Originally from Chile and recently moved to Colorado from Portland, Oregon. He previously spent his career working at NGOs of all kinds in Chile and the Pacific Northwest. Johnny’s background is in Psychology and project management, and his skills range from technology adoption to customer support and program implementation. Johnny’s first language is Spanish.
Dr. Sandra Quiñones
Dr. Sandra Quiñones is an 8th grade English Language Development Specialist and CEO of The Language Lady. She has taught elementary, middle and high school in suburban, urban and rural school districts in both Pennsylvania and Massachusetts since 1999. Her doctoral dissertation findings led her to start The Language Lady YouTube channel in September 2019 to share tips, strategies, and resources for teachers around the world. Dr. Quiñones is extremely passionate about supporting teachers’ professional development, particularly those with limited resources, to meet the needs of English language learners, and equipping those in developing countries with educational resource materials.

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