Think Outside the Book: Developing Dynamic Materials for Your ESL Classes

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Do you often feel bored or constrained by the limits of the textbook? Do your students? Would you like to better engage your learners with richer, more diverse material that’s specifically relevant to their interests or matched to their particular learning styles?

Join Bridge’s expert panel to learn about the process of developing unique materials (including authentic, digital, and multi-media) that will excite your students. Panelists will discuss how to find or develop materials and how to creatively integrate them with textbook content to create tailored, targeted lessons that still align with your school’s curriculum.

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Dorothy Zemach
Dorothy Zemach taught English and other languages for over 20 years, in Asia, Africa, and the U.S. She holds an MA in TESL from the School for International Training in Vermont, USA. Dorothy now concentrates on writing, editing, and publishing ELT materials and textbooks and conducting teacher training workshops. Her areas of specialty and interest are teaching writing, teaching reading, academic English, testing, and humor. In 2012, Dorothy started her own small publishing company, Wayzgoose Press, which publishes fiction, non-fiction, and educational materials. She is a frequent contributor to BridgeUniverse.
Jodi Petersen
Jodi Petersen has taught ESL courses over the past five years. She received a master’s in TESOL from Brigham Young University in 2018, and began working at Selnate International School as a curriculum and materials developer this past year, developing their online courses.
Rachel Messenger
Rachel Messenger is originally from Vancouver, WA and has taught English to speakers of other languages since 2008. She has taught in Cambodia, Taiwan, and the U.S., and has worked with students ranging from elementary school children to international business professionals. She is currently a curriculum developer for BYU - Pathway Worldwide and teaches ESL and business courses at Utah Valley University.
Erin Shaw Hernandez
Erin Shaw Hernandez is president of Selnate International School, an online English language program based in Provo, Utah. She has traveled throughout South America and Europe and been working with English language programs as a teacher and administrator for over 10 years. She received BA Linguistics and MA TESOL degrees from Brigham Young University, and has extensive experience in curriculum and program development, teacher training, language assessment and program marketing.

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