Transitioning to TESOL? How to Leverage Your Previous Work Experience to Thrive in ELT

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Considering a career transition to TEFL/TESOL (or just a great part-time job or retirement activity)?

No matter your previous work experience, age, education or background, you can find a path towards a fruitful career teaching English!

Join Bridge and experts from the ELT sector to learn how you can reimagine yourself as an English language teaching professional. We’ll share insights into the different paths that exist within ELT and help you recognize how your previous experiences translate to the classroom (online or in-person). We’ll also discuss the hard and soft skills that transform your teaching toolkit and help identify your strengths.


Rory Falls
Rory Falls is Founder and Director of The Language Mountain, an online company providing one-on-one English classes. He has been teaching English for three years and specializes in students from Brazil. His goal for students is not only to improve their language skills but also their confidence and long-term strategies. With knowledge of Portuguese and Spanish and specialized certifications from Bridge in teaching Business English and IELTS preparation, he has managed to create a network in South America and inspired students to think about learning English in a different way. Prior to entering the ELT sector, Rory worked in customer service and administrative jobs.
Diana Cárdenas Aguiñaga
Diana Cárdenas Aguiñaga is from Mexico and is committed to people's growth in all aspects. She holds a bachelor's degree in language from Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México and a master's degree in business administration with an emphasis on human resources from Universidad TecMilenio. She is in charge of Human Resources and Creativity in The We.Men Foundation Mexico, an educational NGO that aims to enhance the skills of women and girls from lower socio-economic backgrounds to improve their professional and personal development.

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