Using Corpora to Correct Errors in the ESL Classroom

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People often intuit what is correct in their first language simply by whether or not it sounds natural, but how can you develop this same intuition in a second language? How can students know if a phrase is formal or informal? How can they choose the right synonym? One shortcut teachers and students can utilize are corpora – large bodies of text – to analyze language and find patterns in order to correct vocabulary and grammatical errors. Join us for a discussion and demonstration of using corpora from English-Corpora.org to correct your students’ errors and help their language sound more natural.


Mark Davies
Professor Emeritus of Linguistics, Brigham Young University. Creator of the corpora from English-Corpora.org. These are the most widely used corpora of English, and they are used by 80,000+ distinct language teachers and learners each month, in universities and schools throughout the world. As a professor, I also published widely on corpus creation and use, as well as language variation (historical, dialectal, and genre-based).

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