Using Traditional and Digital Realia when Teaching English Online

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English language teachers often use realia, or authentic materials, in the classroom to engage students visually and aid in the retention of vocabulary or grammar points. In this webinar, Bridge will also look at digital realia, including what it encompasses and how it differs from traditional realia. We’ll answer questions such as how teachers can determine which type of realia is better suited to their lesson or learners and how they can use digital realia most effectively, especially to introduce games in the online ESL classroom.


Caroline Ideus
Caroline Ideus recently finished a year of teaching ESL to university and high school students and the public as a Virtual English Language Fellow (VELF) in Kazakhstan. She has six years of experience teaching at a university-based Intensive English Program (IEP). She received her MA TEFL/SL at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom and has studied, worked and lived for a combined seven years in the U.K., Japan and Estonia. Her teaching interests are in experiential learning and curriculum development.
Sharon Tavares
Sharon Tavares has more than 10 years of experience teaching ESL online. Over the past six years she has trained thousands of ESL teachers with VIPKID. She received a BA in English and MA in TESOL from Brigham Young University and has extensive experience in curriculum and instructional design for digital spaces. She is passionate about understanding new languages and cultures and is currently living as an expat in Sweden with her husband and three children.

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