What do Language Schools Look for When Hiring or Promoting?

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Not everyone wants to be a business owner or entrepreneur, and for those looking to get hired at a language school, what skills do you need to have and what are they looking for? If already employed, what can you do to impress and earn a promotion? This session will talk about: desired traits in teachers and supervisors at language schools; regional differences in hiring; and the hiring process for new employees and promotions for existing staff.


Erin Hernandez
Owner @ Larchmere Language Services Erin Shaw Hernandez is an experienced TESOL professional with expertise ranging from teaching in the classroom to owning and operating an accredited language school. She received a MA TESOL degree from Brigham Young University, and has extensive experience in curriculum and program development, teacher training, language assessment and program marketing.
Carlos Pizarro
Director @ BridgeEnglish Professional with a background in Literature, Education, Philosophy, and Educational Management, a relevant experience in the ELT industry, especially in the corporate training sector. With more than 20 years in Bridge Education Group, he has had different responsibilities as a teacher, head teacher, and director in the language center in Argentina and later in Chile. In the last two years, he has been one of the leaders of the digital transformation of BridgeEnglish into an EdTech with online services throughout the LATAM region, with a team of hundreds of teachers from 35 countries. He is responsible for the areas of Operations, Finance, HR, and Academics.
Ali Noori
Director @ The ILSC Education Group With over 30 years of experience in ELT, I have been involved in different aspects of the industry, both internationally and in Canada. While I started my career as an ESL instructor, I have been the Director of Studies in large chain schools for most of my career, and I have also managed the operation of my current school as the Director for the last 7 years. In my current employment, I have been responsible for hiring and managing both non-unionized admin staff (of 25) and unionized faculty (of over 70).
Zoe Smith
CEO @ BE School Zoe Smith Founded BE School in 2015 envisioning a different approach to teaching Business English. Zoe's background in teaching and coaching moved the focus away from learning grammar and towards empowering students of all levels with more confidence while doing business globally. Zoe and her team work with corporate professionals across Mexico and LatAm to enhance their business communication skills.

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