How Is China’s EdTech Crackdown Reshaping Teaching English Online?

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Dramatic changes in Chinese law regarding education have resulted in hiring freezes and even closures of some big-name online English tutoring companies, including GoGoKid and Magic Ears. Considering China hires the bulk of online teachers globally – as many as 500,000 by some estimates – these new regulations are causing a significant disruption within the ELT industry.

BridgeUniverse brings online teachers and representatives from top English tutoring companies together to discuss how changes in Chinese law are impacting the current job market and to explore new options for teachers, such as working with companies in other regions or teaching English as a freelancer.



Rachel Story
Rachel Story is a nomadic ESL teacher originally from Tennessee. In 2010, she moved to China to begin teaching ESL. For five years, she taught at a variety of schools and training centers in Beijing and Kunming. In 2016, she began teaching English online with VIPKid and traveling full-time. Since then, she has been teaching, traveling, and living around the world with her husband Sasha. Together they document their travels and teach others how to become traveling teachers on their blog, Grateful Gypsies.
Alice Copello
Alice Copello was born and raised in Italy, and she started teaching English as a foreign language in 2010 while working on her CELTA and her BA in Language Studies and TEFL at Swansea University. She has taught in the UK, Austria, Germany and Spain as a teacher, director of studies and pre-sessional university lecturer. After her DELTA and MA TESOL she started writing materials for Cambridge University Press, and then moved to sunny Barcelona where she freelanced for 2 years before becoming the head of the Tutor Training team at Preply.

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