The Language Grid

We’re an innovative English language training company committed to boosting our students’ effectiveness at cross-border business – and removing the frustrations normally associated with learning English. We have offices in Milan, Rome and Paris, but also operate with a team of remote trainers located elsewhere in Italy and France.

TLG only works with serious and dedicated business professionals, which means no screaming children or grumpy teenagers! All of our students are adult learners who are often experts in their field. Our trainers become their trusted advisors and help them see real world results with their English.

We’re an eco company and we’re serious about our environmental responsibilities. When you think of English teaching, do you imagine textbooks, notebooks, and thousands of print outs of exercises and worksheets? Think again. TLG is a paperless company. Not only do we hold an ISO environmental certification, but we’re committed to minimising our environmental impact and encouraging those who work with us to do the same.

Est. In 2009
15 – 30 Teachers
200+ Students
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