10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Becoming a Freelance English Teacher

As an experienced online and classroom-based teacher who made the shift to working for herself as a freelancer, Krzl learned plenty of lessons along the way. Check out her advice for anyone thinking of making a similar move to become a freelance English tutor.

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Cristina, Business English Teacher in Buenos Aires

Bridge Grad, Cristina, Experienced Business English Teacher in Buenos Aires

Cristina specializes in teaching adult professionals in her home country, Argentina. We recently spoke with about the power of learning English, the impact she’s had on her students, and how her pre-coronavirus decision to get certified to teach English online has paid off.

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Joshua, English Teacher in Belarus, Eastern Europe

Joshua, From the U.S., Teaching English in Belarus for Over Four Years

Joshua moved from the U.S. to Belarus to give back to people in a country where he has ancestral ties. He has now been living and teaching in this Eastern European location for over four years and hopes to stay much longer.

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Olivia, Online Teacher with VIPKid

Digital Nomad, Olivia, Teaching English Online With VIPKid

Previously a music teacher, Olivia has been teaching English classes to kids with well known online tutoring company, VIPKid, for two years now. She shares details of the job, including what she considers the biggest perk – the freedom to live as a digital nomad!

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Juicy Mae, an online English teacher in class with a sudent

Filipina College Instructor, Juicy Mae, Now Thriving as an Online Teacher

Juicy Mae’s side job teaching English online has now become her main one due to the coronavirus crisis. She tells us about the Filipino company she teaches with, including what her job is like, what she loves about teaching online, and her advice for newbies.

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Allie Online English teacher in Nicaragua

Scuba Instructor, Allie, Shifting to Teaching English Online

A dive instructor living abroad, Allie got certified to teach English online to weather the downturn in her industry. Since completing her course, she was hired by online language teaching company, Palfish, and is now teaching English remotely from an island in Nicaragua.

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Bryn Bonino, Teacherpreneur

3 Insider Tips for Success as an Online Teacherpreneur

Do you want to run a successful online ESL teaching business? Branding strategist and experienced English teacher, Bryn Bonino, shares a few of the best tips she’s learned as an online English teacherpreneur and suggestions to put them into action.

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Evgenii, Russian English Teacher and Business Owner in Kuwait

Evgenii, From Russia, on Teaching in Kuwait and Starting His Own TEFL Business

As a career English teacher and TEFL business owner, Evgenii is dedicated to his professional development and gaining more “recognition and appreciation” as a non-native speaker, which is what motivated him to take the Bridge IDELTOnline.

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Badiru, Teacher in Uganda

Bridge Grad, Badiru, on Teaching English in Uganda

Past Bridge photo contest winner, Badiru, who is an experienced classroom teacher in Uganda, recently earned his Teaching English Online certification with us. Although he loves teaching kids in the classroom, he took the professional development courses to broaden his skills and job opportunities to venture into the online space.

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Carla, Online English Teacher in Brazil

Brazil Native, Carla, on Becoming a Freelance Online English Teacher

Carla took Bridge’s IDELTOnline course, which helped her become a more effective online English teacher. She teaches online from her home country of Brazil and has benefited greatly from teaching online during the coronavirus pandemic.

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