Bridge Voices (Alumni Insights)

Hear from Bridge students and grads all over the globe who are fulfilling their TEFL/TESOL goals by teaching English abroad, online, and in their home countries. Find out what a day in the life is like for these English teachers, how their Bridge course has helped them achieve their teaching goals, and what their future teaching plans are. Bridge voices can be found all over the world – hear their stories today!

ESL teacher Eddie from the UK

Eddie, From the U.K., Teaching ESL Online in Spain

For Bridge grad Edward “Eddie” Hallifax, from the U.K, age has never been a setback to thriving in the English teaching field. Eddie started his TEFL career in Spain – now he’s working independently, as well as for online English schools and marketplaces for students all across the world. He details what it’s like to […]

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online ESL teacher in Chile

Larissa, From Brazil, Online ESL Teacher in Chile

Coming from the speech-language field, Bridge grad Larissa Franca, from Brazil, seized an unexpected opportunity that began her career as an online ESL teacher in Chile. The pursuit of her new dream later led her to work as an English teacher across South America. She shares how her audiology background has helped her teach ESL […]

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volunteer English teacher

Margaret Jones, From the U.S., on Teaching English as a Volunteer

When Bridge grad Margaret Jones, from the U.S., made the leap to English teaching from working in the tech industry, she started building her skills by volunteering as an ESL teacher virtually. This later led her to a paid position at a non-profit organization. She shares how she found opportunities for teaching English as a […]

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Marcos from Brazil, ESL Online School

Marcos, From Brazil, on Running an Online ESL Business

Empowering Portuguese-speaking students to communicate in English has always been the main goal of Bridge grad Marcos Pinheiro de Araujo, from Brazil. He began his own online English teaching school and has never looked back. He details how he has created the identity of his online ESL business, his strategies for marketing his own venture […]

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teach English in Chile

Krzl, From the Philippines, on Teaching English in Chile

Known as a long country with diverse landscapes, excellent wine, and unique traditions, Chile might just draw you in if you’re an English teacher looking for nature-filled trips and adventures in South America. A Bridge grad from the Philippines, Krzl Nunes, who is currently teaching EFL in Chile, shares what teaching and living in Chile […]

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online Business English teacher

Deborah, From South Africa, Virtual Business English Teacher

A desire to work remotely and teach adults led Bridge grad Deborah Cairns, from South Africa, to shift to teaching English online to business professionals. She shares how she broke into the Business English teaching niche and how she’s working toward building her own TEFL/TESOL business in the future. Hi, Deborah! Can you tell us […]

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independent English teacher in Italy

Natalia, From Ukraine, Teaching IT Professionals Online in Italy

Relocating to Italy has not only allowed IDELTOnline™ grad Natalia Minaieva, from Ukraine, to find safety but also expand her career in teaching English as a freelancer. Nowadays, she specializes in teaching English learners in the tech industry. She discusses going independent as an EFL teacher abroad, strategies for teaching English pronunciation, and the different […]

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independent online English teacher

Rachel, From the U.S., Independent Online English Teacher

Being proficient in the Spanish language paved the way for Rachel Bryan, from the U.S., to not only meet Hispanic people but also help them improve their English skills. As an independent online English tutor, she teaches learners from Latin America. She shares how volunteering inspired her to pursue a path in TEFL, how she […]

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teach English in Brazil

Halan, Aviation English Specialist, on Teaching in Brazil

With its stunning landscapes (including gorgeous beaches) and laid-back culture, it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that Brazil is on your bucket list of countries in which to teach English. Let one of our Bridge grads, Halan Bastos, an online EFL teacher from the Southeastern part of Brazil, give you a rundown of the […]

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online English teacher

Angie Joy, From Teaching Special Education to Teaching English Online

What keeps you going as an English teacher? For Angie Joy Certeza, it’s watching her young learners grow every day. After a stint in teaching kids and special education students in person, she transitioned to teaching English online. She shares how moving to a virtual classroom helped her while overcoming challenging moments in her life, […]

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