Bridge Voices (Alumni Insights)

Hear from Bridge students and grads all over the globe who are fulfilling their TEFL/TESOL goals by teaching English abroad, online, and in their home countries. Find out what a day in the life is like for these English teachers, how their Bridge course has helped them achieve their teaching goals, and what their future teaching plans are. Bridge voices can be found all over the world, hear their stories today!

Gabrielle TEFL teacher

Gabrielle, From South Africa, Online English Teacher to Kids and Adults

After leaving the sales industry, Gabrielle discovered her passion for teaching English and training ESL teachers. She shares what it’s like working online for two companies and teaching English to both kids and adults.

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Betsy, Teaching English Online to Business Professionals With EF English First

Online English teacher Betsy describes how this job is the perfect complement to her other work as a freelance writer and editor. We interviewed her to learn how a volunteer experience launched her teaching career, about the benefits of teaching English online, and how COVID-19 has impacted her teaching and travel plans.

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Rory Falls, From Canada, Teaching English Online to Brazilian Students

Business English specialist and founder of The Language Mountain, an online ESL company, Rory shares what it’s like to run a business on the side of his full-time job in finance and discusses his teaching philosophy.

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Ruth, From Uganda, Online Business English Teacher

When COVID-19 put Ruth’s plans to teach English in Chile on hold, she quickly adapted by switching to the virtual classroom. She shares what it’s like teaching Business English online and what inspires her as an ESL instructor.

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Margarida, From Portugal, ESL Teacher and Globetrotter

World traveler, Margarida, visited more than 50 countries while working on a cruise ship before getting certified to teach English as a second language. Now, she’s a freelance online English teacher and will soon be starting her new job teaching in China.

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TEFL info session

Bridge TEFL/TESOL Info Session Guest Speaker, Krzl, Freelance English Teacher in Chile

In a recent Bridge TEFL/TESOL info session, freelance online English teacher Krzl Nuñes discussed how she got started as an ESL teacher, how being a non-native English speaker has benefitted her, and the best ways to find students.

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esl teacher in colombia

Luis, From Colombia, Teaching ESL at a Bilingual School and Online

We sat down with Luis Cardona, an ESL teacher from Colombia, to find out how becoming an educator changed his career goals and what his experience has been like since switching to the online classroom because of the pandemic.

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Joshua, From the US, Teaching English to the Military in Saudi Arabia

Following a five-year teaching stint in South Korea, Joshua then landed a position as an English instructor in Saudi Arabia, teaching military English. We interviewed him to learn more about his experience.

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Freelance English Teachers Share Their Strategies for Finding ESL Students

Thinking of becoming a freelance online English teacher but not sure how to connect with prospective students? Check out these top tips from successful freelancers on how to attract EFL students and grow your client base.

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Mariana, From Brazil, English Teacher at a Private German School

At a young age, Mariana already had a strong interest in teaching English. Following this passion led her to pursue a career as an English teacher, and she’s currently working for a private German school in São Paulo.

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