Bridge Voices (Alumni Insights)

Hear from Bridge students and grads all over the globe who are fulfilling their TEFL/TESOL goals by teaching English abroad, online, and in their home countries. Find out what a day in the life is like for these English teachers, how their Bridge course has helped them achieve their teaching goals, and what their future teaching plans are. Bridge voices can be found all over the world, hear their stories today!

Shakti, From Mauritius, Advancing His Online English Teaching Career

Bridge grad and multilingual English teacher, Shakti, from the island country of Mauritius, has been teaching English for 12 years. We asked him about his evolving career as a freelance online English teacher and how it’s helped him weather change during the global crisis.

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You’re Never Too Old to Teach English Abroad or Online!

While the typical profile of a TEFL/TESOL teacher is someone in their twenties, that doesn’t mean that teaching English is reserved for the young. Whether you’re a career changer or a retiree, you’re never too old to teach English abroad or online.

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Paul, From the UK – Dive Instructor Turned Online English Teacher

As a scuba diving instructor in the Philippines, Paul’s career was deeply impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, so he so decided to make the leap to teaching English. He tells us about this professional shift and his new job, teaching Russian students online.

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Nasim, on Specializing in IELTS Exam Prep as a Teacher in Azerbaijan

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to teach a specialized TEFL/TESOL niche, such as exam prep? We interviewed Nasim, who teaches at a language school in Azerbaijan, about the targeted courses she offers to prepare students for the IELTS and other English proficiency exams.

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Questions From Job Seekers in the Bridge TEFL/TESOL Jobs Facebook Group

The Bridge TEFL/TESOL Jobs Facebook group is a place to join discussions with other teachers, share advice, and post your job-search questions to the community. Here are some real queries members have posted with answers provided by our experts.

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Jorge, From Chile, Engineering Student Turned English Teacher

A former engineering student, Jorge switched career paths to pursue his passion for teaching English and lifelong learning. He shares his experience with the many TEFL/TESOL certification courses he has taken and describes how he has adapted to become a freelancer teacher.

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Brandon, From the US, on His Career Teaching English in Southeast Asia

Formerly in the marketing field, Brandon decided to “reboot” his life at 30 and accept an English teaching job abroad in South Korea. Little did he know that he’d be in the country for six years, going on to teach in other Asian countries before returning to the US to earn a master’s degree in teaching English as a second language.

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August Rivers Humanities

Meet Teresa Rios, Bridge Grad and Pioneer in ESL Memory Care for Seniors

Teresa Rios is the founder of August Rivers Humanities, a tutoring business that delivers language therapy via ESL as memory care for elders. She is a pioneer in ESL memory care and an advocate for elders and others with memory loss.

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Freelance English Teacher, Carla, Growing Her Business Through Social Media

Connecting with language learners on social media has helped Carla Martinez, a freelance online English teacher and translator from Brazil, build a strong client base and grow her business.

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Bridge Grad, Hawra, From the US, Kindergarten Teacher in Lebanon

When she moved from the US to her family’s home country of Lebanon, Hawra chose to draw on her passion for teaching English to give back to the community.

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