Bridge Voices (Alumni Insights)

Hear from Bridge students and grads all over the globe who are fulfilling their TEFL/TESOL goals by teaching English abroad, online, and in their home countries. Find out what a day in the life is like for these English teachers, how their Bridge course has helped them achieve their teaching goals, and what their future teaching plans are. Bridge voices can be found all over the world, hear their stories today!

Freelance English Teacher, Carla, Growing Her Business Through Social Media

Connecting with language learners on social media has helped Carla Martinez, a freelance online English teacher and translator from Brazil, build a strong client base and grow her business.

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Bridge Grad, Hawra, From the US, Kindergarten Teacher in Lebanon

When she moved from the US to her family’s home country of Lebanon, Hawra chose to draw on her passion for teaching English to give back to the community.

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Vera, ESL Teacher in Russia

Bridge Grad, Vera, from Russia, Taking English Teaching to Social Media

When she returned home from teaching English in Chile, Vera wanted to continue helping her students practice English, so she started Speaking Club, a weekly live speaking event on Instagram. She shares how she uses social media to engage current and future ESL students.

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New Online English Teacher, Sophia, Diversifying Beyond the Tourism Field

A Bridge graduate from NY, Sophia was working in the tourism industry in Paris when the global pandemic changed her plans, inspiring her to look at other job options. She chose to give online English teaching a try, getting certified and quickly landing a job with the tutoring company, Cambly.

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Niels, from Peru, Creating a Better Workplace Through Technical English

Niels has made a difference in the lives of colleagues at his company by combining his two areas of expertise: petroleum engineering and the English language. He details how having this specialized knowledge has helped his career and benefited him as an ESL teacher.  

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Brenda, English teacher in Chile

Brenda, From the US, Weathering the Global Crisis as a Teacher in Chile

Like many English teachers abroad, Bridge graduate, Brenda Arellano, was caught by surprise when the pandemic pushed the government to impose stay-at-home protocols, pausing her role with the organization in Chile where she taught. Luckily, she found online English teaching jobs through the Bridge Job Board, which have allowed her to remain in the country […]

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Asma Klai, from Tunisia, Teaching in Istanbul

Asma Klai, from Tunisia, Teaching in Istanbul

A promising job opportunity had Bridge graduate, Asma, packing her bags to venture into an English teaching career in Istanbul. She gives us a picture of her experience adapting to a foreign culture and succeeding as an ESL teacher in Turkey.

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Iranian Teachers, Nasim, in Azerbaijan

Nasim, Iranian English Teacher in Azerbaijan

Bridge student Nasim, moved across cultures and seized an opportunity to teach English in Baku, Azerbaijan. We interviewed her about adapting as a foreigner, her current life as a teacher, and what job prospects are for other ESL teachers in this history-filled country.

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A Week in the Life of an Online English Teacher

Ever wonder what it’s like to work full-time as an online English teacher? Mari has been in the field for a few years now, working for two different online tutoring companies as she travels the world as a digital nomad. Currently based in Scotland, she shares a snapshot of a week in her life as an online teacher.

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Erin CoyIe, English teacher in Oman

Experienced EFL Teacher, Erin, Transitions from China to Oman

After a five-year stint teaching English in China, Erin is now a college English instructor in Oman. We caught up with her to discuss her experience teaching in the Middle East, how she’s had to adapt to online teaching during the coronavirus pandemic, and the direction she sees her career taking next.

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